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Michael Cupps

Executive Vice President - Growth Stategies



Cupps is an enterprising and tenacious business executive with 25+ years of experience spanning sales, marketing, operations, and channel development, with specialization in the SaaS and enterprise software sector. Having spent the bulk of his career in the tech industry, Michael has honed broad technical knowledge and the ability to translate complex concepts into simple business terms. His technical skills have proven especially integral to closing multimillion-dollar deals with high-profile clients and investors. Focused on using simplicity and thinking one step ahead of the game, Michael is known for conceiving and implementing new ideas to improve companies go to market. One of Michael’s greatest strengths is his ability to form mutually beneficial go-to-market partnerships with high-profile corporations including Microsoft, UiPath, Blue Prism, and IBM. He is equally skilled at shaping new models to drive sustainable growth and scalable operations. Simply put, creating the teams, programs and partnerships to fuel revenue is what Michael does best.


  • Sales/Marketing and Strategic Partnerships
  • Corporate Development
  • Hybrid Work


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ActiveOps helps organizations turn operational management from a guessing game into a game-changing source of efficiency and value. Our solutions provide real-time employee productivity and workforce management technologies for a 360° view of your operations – both digital and human. With more than 20 years’ experience managing complex operations in labor- and knowledge-intensive industries such as banking and insurance, ActiveOps enables managers to transform productivity, secure employee well-being, and create a platform for confident, constant transformation and market leadership.


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