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As an AI Pioneer and Strategist, I leverage my media and technology expertise to create industry-disrupting AI products and deliver them to market. My favorite projects are those where I can maximize people and resources to do things that have never been done before.

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Can AI and the entertainment industry co-pilot to navigate change?


The path forward demands an immediate proactive approach of acknowledging the transformative power of AI and coupling it with creative human innovation to ensure that the entertainment industry remains vital and thrives within this new paradigm.

You can’t spell humanity without A and I: Dispelling fear about the future of AI and the creative class


I believe it’s much more likely that AI will emerge as a collaborator, rather than a competitor in the creative space.

Five steps to bringing new AI technology to market


For many, AI is the new boogeyman.

5 ways startup culture demands a new mentorship paradigm


Mentoring is now a true team sport.

Leading a video meeting? 9 factors to watch for when you "read the room"

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Gauging engagement can be difficult when you’re meeting remotely, so it’s even more important to keep an eye out for telling signs of distraction. When the COVID-19 pandemic turned our homes into offices and classrooms, it also ushered in the era of video meetings. While the ability to meet remotely via Zoom and other applications enabled businesses and schools to function in difficult times, it hasn't always been an easy adjustment. When you're meeting with colleagues, clients, or students via a video call, it comes with unique challenges—including effectively "reading the room." When you're leading a video meeting, it’s can be hard to get a sense of how engaged participants are. You can't see everyone at once, and you can't hear the signals of straying attention, such as shuffling feet, creaking furniture, and sighs. Participants are often more reluctant to speak during remote meetings, and it's easier for them to quietly multitask. And presenters can't control the distractions that might pop up in participants' individual meeting spaces. Because of all this, it's important for those who frequently lead video meetings or presentations to be aware of the ways in which participants might be signaling their engagement (or lack of engagement). To help, nine members of Fast Company Executive Board share some audience cues to watch for in your upcoming video meetings.

12 metrics to measure the effectiveness of your company's customer relations

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To achieve lasting success, company owners and leaders must learn how to establish long-term relationships with customers. As a business owner, you want every interaction customers or clients have with your business to be a positive one. While most successful businesses develop policies and procedures to try to ensure stellar service, building outstanding customer relations doesn’t stop there. Leaders can’t simply assume that the services and support they’ve developed are exceeding customer expectations. To know for sure, you have to go straight to the horse’s mouth—you have to not only listen to what your customers say to and about you but also track to see if they continue to choose your business in the future. While you may not be able to ask each of your customers personally for their opinion of your company, there are metrics you can monitor to ensure you’re on the right track when it comes to offering outstanding customer service. Below, 12 leaders from Fast Company Executive Board share the metrics their organizations track to help them develop long-lasting relationships and a strong community of fans around their brand.

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We deliver artificial intelligence insights and machine learning solutions for the entertainment and publishing industries. Our technology deeply understands the text itself and delivers contextualized data that supports development, marketing, and sales for all scripted media IP. Our tools have direct and measurable impact on ensuring story success and audiences sales.


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