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I've had the opportunity to help companies form, grow and thrive. As a servant leader, my focus is on building a culture and environment for teams and individuals to accelerate their personal and professional growth. Constantly looking for opportunities to turn strategies into meaningful results.

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Adaptovate focuses on delivering transformation and innovation services that help companies navigate in the era of fast-paced disruptors that compete in the economy of now. We believe that in order to win in the more and more challenging environment of start-ups, technology leaps and ever-changing customer demands, companies need to transform to be able to continuously adapt and innovate. The game is no longer about a single idea to disrupt your company’s business model, but about ways to systematically change the way of working and delivering products and services to customers. The Adaptovate model is based on an end-to-end approach to design, implementation and assurance of your company’s transformation programs, while at the same time embedding agility and innovation practices. This includes the set-up and running of tailored start-up accelerators, innovation labs and boot camps that will support your transformation and will help your company win in tomorrow's market. To achieve this we rely on our network of professionals that have a proven track record across large and complex transformations across multiple industries as well as a network of agile experts, entrepreneurs and start-ups.


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