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Nicholas Wyman is CEO and Founder of IWSI America. He has sought novel ways to connect youth with the jobs of the future. Nicholas believes the ‘learn by doing’ approach has much to offer in a new world straddling the fault lines of a ‘skills mismatch’. Nick has innovated market-driven solutions to address the long-term workforce issues faced by employers, education institutions, and governments. Nick has built a global conversation around the need to change the status quo in job skills training. His research work and thought-leadership articles are widely published and internationally recognized. Nicholas is the author of Job U: How to Find Wealth and Success by Developing the Skills Companies Actually Need. He is an international expert in workforce development issues and models. Wyman has an MBA and has studied at Harvard Business School and the Kennedy School of Government and was awarded a Churchill Fellowship.


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October 21st, 2022

Including people with disabilities in the workplace: How employers can do more

Thirty-two years of ADA is a remarkable achievement. It remains a landmark law for people with disabilities, setting out a pathway to full societal inclusion as an absolute right. But we can do more.

July 25th, 2022

Here's how to connect corporate growth with social responsibility

14 ways business leaders are improving their efforts to walk the talk.

May 20th, 2022

How we can increase opportunities for formerly incarcerated people—while easing the labor shortage

Apprenticeship can greatly benefit formerly incarcerated people by helping them transition back into work and community life. 

April 18th, 2022

15 ideas to build brand recognition in a crowded marketplace

Follow these tips to attract the right people, gain credibility, and elevate your business.


Institute for Workplace Skills & Innovation

IWSI America has extensive experience working with employers nationwide to establish a robust inclusive employment workforce, and can help partner and guide your organization, with a customized approach, to adapt, refine or redesign workplace practices and processes to improve your approach to hiring individuals with disabilities. Whether you are starting at zero or adapting in a post COVID-19 work environment, IWSI America works with employers, large and small, to truly put the “inclusion” in your diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI) model.


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