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A brand strategist with a passion for using the power of STORY to build strong brands. I believe that marketing and branding, if done right, can truly make a meaningful difference in people's lives.


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Jester&Genius is a BrandStory Consulting company based in Dallas, Texas. We specialize in crafting and activating brand stories in order to unleash long term sustainable growth. Anchored in timeless human insights, STORY is one of the most persuasive tools at our disposal because only a STORY can influence and shape our beliefs at their very core. In our combined two decades of Brand Strategy experience we’ve seen it all. Hundreds of frameworks processes and approaches to build brands and grow businesses. Some were inspiring and human, like art, but didn’t lead to strategic action. Others were strategically sound, like a subway map, but lacked inspiration and imagination. We thought – why can’t both happen together? By harnessing the power of story, we created a revolutionary new approach that proves it can be done. This approach, both intensely human and strategically actionable, speaks to the heart and convinces the mind. Our process is comprehensive and one of the best in the industry. We help our clients craft their timeless brand stories and guide them on ‘HOW TO’ activate them in a timely manner. We partner in building strategic briefs to ensure STORY & STRATEGY are in sync and are ultimately driving the business forward. STORY serves as a foundation for not just the communication strategy but marketing, innovation, design and ultimately the company culture. Our client base is diverse. We work with billion dollar global brands as well as startups. From CPG to banking, tech, healthcare and non-profits we utilize the same rigor and passion in crafting their inspiring stories. If you are looking for new and inspired ways of thinking about you brand and business Jester&Genius would love to help. Our capabilities include: o Brand Positioning and Portfolio Strategy o Brand Activation o Innovation Strategy o Consumer Insights o Design Strategy o Story Bootcamp


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