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As a best selling author, international speaker, and award-winning business strategist, I use my platform to inspire and enable women to recognize and appreciate their own power and channel it to disrupt limiting status quos that no longer serve them. Wherever I go, this is my north star. I’ve led global initiatives to disengage people from the status quo and adopt real change. I’ve consulted with large organizations to establish effective gender equity programs. I coach women poised to become chief executives or board members. I proactively serve on mission-aligned non-profit boards and invest in women-led enterprises.

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Three ways to combat quiet quitting


Employees expect more than a paycheck from their company; they crave an experience that values them as a whole person.

15 ideas to build brand recognition in a crowded marketplace

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Follow these tips to attract the right people, gain credibility, and elevate your business. When you are just starting out in the market, it may be hard to achieve immediate recognition as the newest player on the field or compete for clients in a crowded space. To pique consumer interest in an oversaturated space, you can study behavior patterns to carve your niche, but it is going to take more than free product samples or a trial membership to get consumers to support your brand and stick with you for the long haul.  Below, 15 members of Fast Company Executive Board offer their advice on how to boost your brand to appeal to clients in the marketplace. 

What's behind the employment gap?

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14 points to consider when you're reviewing a job candidate's resume. As the nature of how and why people work continues to evolve, hiring managers will benefit from learning to understand the whole person, before jumping to conclusions about a significant employment gap on the applicant's resume. Instead of flagging previous time lost on the job as a deficit, focus on the potential new hire's passion, aptitude and eagerness to tackle new career challenges ahead and how the personal time off may be a sign of maturity to thrive at the current job opportunity and contribute to the mission of your organization in the long term. Below, Fast Company Executive Board members provide 14 additional ways to approach this conversation during the interview process and help you make the best decision to find the right fit for your department's needs.

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With Limeade, every employee knows their company cares. We are an immersive employee well-being company that creates healthy employee experiences. By putting well-being at the heart of the employee experience, we help organizations reduce burnout and turnover while increasing well-being and engagement. Our mission is to transform work into a source of positivity, energy, humanity and purpose. Founded in 2006, we’re a pioneer in the HR technology industry and are consistently recognized for our own award-winning culture.



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