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Patti Fletcher

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Boston Area

As a best selling author, international speaker, and award-winning business strategist, I use my platform to inspire and enable women to recognize and appreciate their own power and channel it to disrupt limiting status quos that no longer serve them. Wherever I go, this is my north star. I’ve led global initiatives to disengage people from the status quo and adopt real change. I’ve consulted with large organizations to establish effective gender equity programs. I coach women poised to become chief executives or board members. I proactively serve on mission-aligned non-profit boards and invest in women-led enterprises.


  • Brand Building
  • Executive Leadership
  • Public Speaking


November 18th, 2022

Three ways to combat quiet quitting

Employees expect more than a paycheck from their company; they crave an experience that values them as a whole person.

April 18th, 2022

15 ideas to build brand recognition in a crowded marketplace

Follow these tips to attract the right people, gain credibility, and elevate your business.

April 15th, 2022

What's behind the employment gap?

14 points to consider when you're reviewing a job candidate's resume.



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