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Paul Brody is a frequent speaker around the globe and with international media. His first book, Ethereum For Business, is hailed as one of the top three crypto books of 2023 by Fortune. Paul speaks on a myriad of topics, including: • Increased Momentum for Blockchain Utilization from Regulatory Clarity • Real World Assets (RWAs): The Future of Blockchain? • Public Blockchains as a Driver of Growth and Innovation for Enterprises To learn more, visit

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Beyond cryptocurrencies: Unveiling the true power of blockchain in business


Do you love monopolies? Like handing over value created to a digital intermediary? Definitely don't do business on a public blockchain.

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While many firms have focused on cryptocurrencies and digital payments, EY sees blockchain as the future of B2B transactions – the digital glue that enterprises will use to transact with each other online: EY is the only firm focused on public blockchains, with proprietary state of the art technology and an Ethereum layer-2 integration with Polygon, enabling EY to offer enterprise users increased transaction volumes with privacy, scalability and predictable costs. We are committed to making it safe and reliable for enterprises to use the public Ethereum ecosystem: It’s why we have invested so heavily not just in building blockchain applications, but also in supporting our audit clients who want to transact in this space. Visit to learn more.



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