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In the last 13 years I've had the privilege of learning to launch, scale, and operate global consumer and enterprise brands. Partnering with founders, advisors and operators in media, commerce, and logistics has given me a unique perspective into corporate development strategies that enable market disruption. --- Business level P&L, growth forecasting, EBITDA calculation and optimization, departmental P&L, KPI planning and progression, measurement approaches, investor presentations, revenue planning, hiring plans, presentation design, data architecture, data layer enablement, commercialization, brand strategy, brand design, brand communications, product development strategy, product marketing, product roadmap development, product management, pricing and monetization strategy, pricing experimentation, primary research, user research, market research, content production, white papers, videos, animations, illustrations, advanced sales development email programs, outbound growth marketing, inbound marketing, social media marketing, blogging, on page SEO, off page SEO, press releases, editorial coverage, experiential tradeshow design, event marketing, outdoor marketing, sales, referral partnerships, strategic partnerships, technology partnerships, customer experience, account management, account retention, account expansion, project management, executive reporting, departmental reporting, coaching, motivational speeches, leading by example, 0% voluntary attrition of 30+ lifetime direct reports

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Why blue chip technology talent is flocking to the high revenue world of logistics


Facing the urgent need for tech prowess, the logistics industry can make significant strides by implementing strategies that draw in and hold onto top tech talent.

What's blocking your potential to flourish in the workplace? 

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13 leaders discuss the strategies that are working for them. If you are trying to grow a successful business, it is imperative that you stay one step ahead and monitor what the competition is doing, no matter what type of field you are working in. Understanding a competitive edge they may have—be it marketing strategies, services, or top clients—is key.  This helps you to better identify how your company can fit in by finding its own voice in the current market, standing out in a sea of information overload, and delivering unique brand messaging. Plus, the bottom line is that future clients are seeking the best solutions to move them forward as well. That's why Fast Company Executive Board members share the rhyme and reason behind their best practices for monitoring the competition and their market share below.

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