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Phil Santoro is an entrepreneur. He is a Co-Founder of Wilbur Labs, a Startup Studio based in San Francisco. Phil previously worked at Google and founded and sold Co-Founder of Wilbur Labs: Phil Santoro is a Co-Founder of Wilbur Labs, a Startup Studio based in San Francisco. Wilbur Labs provides funding, shared resources, and operational support to turn bold ideas into market-leading companies. Since 2016, Wilbur Labs has built and invested in 21+ companies. Phil’s Experience as a Speaker and Writer: Phil Santoro is an expert on building and growing companies. Phil loves sharing what he’s learned to help others. He answers common founder questions on the Wilbur Labs Founder FAQ series. Phil is a speaker and author of numerous articles in Inc. Magazine, Fast Company, and Entrepreneur Magazine, helping entrepreneurs build and scale companies. Past Work – Google: From 2013-2016 Phil worked at Google as a Growth Strategist. Past Work – Founder of In 2007, Phil Santoro founded to allow anyone to create a forum. quickly became one of the largest destinations online, receiving over 125 million monthly pageviews, and was acquired by the public company CrowdGather in 2010. Education Background of Phil Santoro: Phil graduated from the University of Cincinnati Carl H. Lindner College of Business in 2013. Personal Life of Phil Santoro: Phil Santoro lives in San Francisco with his wife, Rubi Santoro.

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Wilbur Labs is a startup studio based in San Francisco. Wilbur Labs turns bold ideas into market-leading companies, and has built and invested in 21+ companies since 2016.



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