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Rachel Kobetz is a Chief Design executive with proven expertise driving the vision, strategy, and implementation of customer experiences and organizational transformation for Fortune 100 companies. She shapes product cultures that connect people and make technology more human. Rachel has recognized experience in design leadership and operations, building world-class organizations that integrate human-centered design to drive product and service innovation. As Senior Vice President and Global Head of Design for Expedia Group, Rachel is helping lead a cultural transformation to become a design-led company and power global travel for everyone, everywhere. A senior design leader with entrepreneurial energy, she guides with vision and drives new standards of excellence at scale through influence, leadership, and recognized expertise — driving experience strategy and customer-centric innovation, establishing customer experience as competitive advantage, defining new ways of working through business agility, and bringing holistic thinking and cohesion across the Expedia Group travel ecosystem. Prior to joining Expedia Group, Rachel was Head of Design at Bank of America, where she led the company’s Experience Design organization, driving the end-to-end transformation of core product and service experiences, raising the impact of Design as strategic asset, and spearheading customer-centric culture change and innovation. Previously, Rachel was Head of Studio, New Product UX at Amazon's Human-Centered Design Group, where she led a team of designers, technologists, and researchers defining Amazon's next big thing. At Amazon, she worked across a spectrum of spaces blending hardware, software, services, and brand experiences. Prior to Amazon, Rachel was Senior Director of UX at Samsung’s Mobile Innovation Lab, where she led a multi-disciplinary group responsible for end-to-end experiences for flagship devices and early product/service concepts. There she helped lead the team evolution from incubation lab to advanced product org — championing UX excellence and delivering elegant consumer experiences that gained top-level visibility across the global org and industry. Rachel is passionate about the integration of user-centered innovation, technical insight, and systems thinking into a design-driven product development process and see this as the best way to create meaningful products that resonate with customers and improve their lives.

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