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CEO of Why Unified, Robert Nikic founded Why Unified in 2011. Today, it holds the title of the first all-inclusive dropshipping platform that gives entrepreneurs the ability to take a hands-off approach with their online stores backed by selling brand-name products and offering 2-day shipping. In 2021, the growing platform served more than 15,000 drop shippers and helped them generate a combined $300 million in revenue. Today, Why Unified serves more than 20,000 drop shippers worldwide.


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Why Unified

Why Unified is a dropshipping marketing platform serving more than 20,000 dropshippers worldwide, generating more than combined $300 million in revenue. Unlike its biggest competitors, Why Unified gives dropshippers access to brand name products that consumers already know and love. The company’s partnership with popular brands give their clients a significant advantage in terms of reputation, marketability, and demand. Combined with exceptional marketing, sales funnel development, and continuous inventory analysis, Why Unified is slated to become the most popular dropshipping platform in the industry.


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