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Ryan Crownholm

PresidentCrown Capital Adventures Inc.

Los Angeles, CA

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Ryan Crownholm is a serial founder & entrepreneur, mentor, investor, and U.S. Army veteran. He is the president and founder of Crown Capital Adventures Inc.,, and With grassroots in construction, he has an exceptional track record of developing business models that deliver immediate and sustainable returns. Crownholm is now an accomplished serial entrepreneur, having launched over 5 successful businesses and sold over half, who mentors a variety of individuals, including entrepreneurs, CEOs, veterans, and both currently and formerly incarcerated individuals. He was an early adopter of blockchain technology and has been an advisor to several Crypto and NFT projects and companies. His mission is to practice insubordinate entrepreneurship and to change the current landscape for small to medium-sized business owners and entrepreneurs.

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Crown Capital Adventures Inc.

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Crown Capital Adventure Inc. is a holding and investment company focused on construction technology and real estate. Its purpose is to leverage the latest technology into legacy construction businesses to improve scale and profitability. CCA currently owns and operates DirtMatch, an online dirt exchange, and My Site Plan, a nationwide drafting firm helping its clients with permitting needs. Other investments include real estate rehab, short-term financing for real estate projects, and startups in the construction industry.



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