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Sara de Zarraga is the CEO and co-founder of Flare. Flare's mission is to help women (and all people) live their lives with confidence and control through beautifully designed wearable technology like its award-winning personal safety jewelry. Sara is a solo traveler who loves the feeling of freedom she gets from visiting the far corners of the world. Through her travels and work at the World Bank, she has seen the impact that safety has had on women’s quality of life all around the globe (including her own). Sara is a champion for women’s empowerment. She attended Wellesley College, where she learned about the power of female communities and championing women’s interests. Her passion is to help women everywhere live the lives that they want free of threats of violence or harassment - where women can explore the world around them, pursue their interests, and experience more freedom and independence. While attending Harvard Business School, she met Flare co-founder, Quinn Fitzgerald, and they immediately bonded over their own experiences with sexual assault which led to the creation of the business today. She currently resides in Boston.

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Founded in 2016, Flare was built by two Harvard Business School graduates that are survivors of sexual assault. Flare makes beautifully designed, modern safety jewelry that empowers wearers to get out of uncomfortable situations at the push of a button. Each piece of jewelry has a hidden button that triggers text messages and GPS tracking to friends, a pre-recorded call to your phone, or even connecting with the police.



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