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Scott is the Founder & CEO of Continu, a Modern Learning Experience Platform used by some of the world's fastest-moving companies. Scott is passionate about building products that help people work better together.

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15 ways to attract the top independent contractors

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Here's how to build a pipeline of services to address your department's needs.  In a gig-driven economy, it's essential to find highly-skilled freelancers who are willing to handle extra assignments during a busy season for your team. Be selective about your decision when reviewing the feedback of the consultant's previous and current clients. And, based on the expectations about the job requirements,  keep an open line of communication so that everyone is on the same page.  Below are 15 best practices, courtesy of Fast Company Executive Board members to help leaders to attract a diverse group of candidates and retain them for future projects. 

What I learned from building a 100% remote team


Regardless of whether you work in an office or remotely, work should have some element of fun.

14 ways to gauge customer satisfaction

expert panel

If you want to grow a successful business and be sure that your clients are satisfied, it's important to track their digital footprint and exposure to your brand—every step of the way. By doing so, you'll be able to quickly address any questions, concerns, or deal-breakers that may come up immediately. This will help in reassuring them that they've made the right decision engaging with your company's products and services.  Below, 14 panel experts of Fast Company Executive Board share practical ways to evaluate your customers' journey (without their direct feedback) and turn things around so you don't lose them.

16 common but bad habits every leader should avoid

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Some regular practices may seem harmless but can hinder your effectiveness as a leader. To build and guide a company or organization takes a lot of good habits, and successful leaders soon learn and adopt practices that help them stay on top of to-do lists, keep their teams engaged, plot smart goals, and balance their personal and work lives. But being a successful leader isn't just about having good habits—it's about avoiding bad ones.  It’s all too easy for a leader to unknowingly slip into bad habits that can hinder success. Some of these habits may deliver short-term solutions, but keeping them up can decrease efficiency, disrupt good working relationships, and even create long-term problems. Below, 16 members of Fast Company Executive Board share seemingly harmless habits that every entrepreneur should recognize and eliminate to ensure continued progress and success.

What 15 entrepreneurs wish they’d done before starting a business

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Knowing what others who have been in your shoes wish they’d done can save you time, money, and effort. As an entrepreneur first starting out, you may find yourself seeking out business podcasts, books, articles, and more in an effort to feel prepared. While there are plenty of great resources out there, experience is what’s likely to teach you the most. Still, you’re not the first person to walk this path, and knowing what your predecessors would change if they had it all to do again can be invaluable. Your entrepreneurial journey is unique, and ultimately, you’ll write the story of your business’s birth and growth. But there can be a big benefit to weaving in the wisdom of others. Below, 15 Fast Company Executive Board members look back and reflect on what they wish they had done when they first began their entrepreneurial journeys.

14 low-cost ways to get good publicity for your business

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Don't let a limited budget stop you from promoting your new business. When budgets are tight, one of the first things many entrepreneurs strike from their list of financial priorities is marketing. However, marketing doesn't have to take a backseat when resources are limited. In fact, there are plenty of ways to continue promoting your company while keeping costs low. DIY public relations can be an inexpensive way to gain attention for your business—if you follow the right strategies and best practices. Below, 14 members of Fast Company Executive Board share some creative, inexpensive ways a new business can drum up good publicity or press mentions.

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Continu is a Modern Learning Experience Platform for Today's Workplace.



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