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Sergio Alvarez

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Sergio Alvarez is a performance marketing expert, digital attribution leader, and CEO and Founder of Ai Media Group and Atrilyx. In 2008, Sergio Alvarez connected the dots. Based on his psychology background and extensive experience in sales, he founded Ai Media Group. The connection resulted in becoming a true pioneer of analyzing and understand customer behavior and the online customer journey. When not working and traveling, Sergio Alvarez is an avid car enthusiast who collects and races exotic supercars. This passion for cars has translated to Ai Media Group’s client roster as well; including Porsche, Ferrari and several luxury automakers.

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Long-term strategic planning is key to navigating the uncertainties of 2024 and beyond.

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Leaders weigh in on how to leverage the right resources that will impact company success.  Building a successful household product or service is not just about a brand's ability to meet quarterly sales goals from year to year; it's also about hiring the right people, making the right investment decisions, and protecting the company's reputation through positive brand awareness.  That is where a powerful marketing team can come in handy, and it's worth putting time and monetary resources into having the best people on staff if you have the funds to spare, but what if you're on a small budget and need to scale back until you gain more financial leverage?  Here, Fast Company Executive Board members share eight tips that any business leader can implement to spread awareness about their organization—and make a substantial impact in the marketplace—every step of the way.

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Here's what you might be missing when it comes to attracting and retaining new audiences. In the business world, content is king. This is especially true when you're trying to capture a long-term, loyal audience of potential clients and customers who can help your company grow. But it's not just about promoting your brand of products and services. Being too salesy too soon is often a turn-off for most potential customers. If you take the time to get to know them and their company on a deeper level, you'll have a better opportunity to turn your business into one that is worthy of their long-term trust and loyalty.  To better equip content teams in the coming year, 16 experts from Fast Company Executive Board each share one detail to help them understand how to create relevant content that speaks to their potential and current customers—whether it be through the company website, social media channels, video blogs, or email newsletters.

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There may be business owners out there who’ve managed to reap maximum rewards with minimum effort. That certainly has not been my experience.  

How to maximize ROI using media attribution


Marketing is one area that can be a money pit if you aren’t pulling the right levers, but with the correct strategy, it can be one budget that pays back in dividends.

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At Ai Media Group, we specialize in defining, managing, and executing online marketing strategies. We are marketing professionals, business consultants, and technology experts, dedicated to doing whatever it takes to help our clients succeed.


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