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Shani Harmon

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Shani Harmon is the co-founder of Stop Meeting Like This. For the past twenty years she has been a tireless advocate for finding ways to work that unleash the full potential of individuals. She has consulted with Fortune 500 companies across the globe, helping them reimagine meetings, work practices, and collaboration while eradicating wasteful and mindless activity.

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Time wasted is money wasted


If you want to unleash the full capacity of your team, look no further than your meetings. They’re a great place to start.

15 ways to develop and support your loyal business assistant 

expert panel

Apply these best practices to strengthen your relationship as a mentor and partner.  If you're a leader seeking a great personal assistant who can help you elevate your business to the next level, it's essential that you take your time until you find the proper fit. Once you've succeeded at the first step, it's time to nurture the relationship by learning what drives them and what they are most passionate about—treating them like a partner in collaboration on your journey and engaging them in meaningful assignments. While retaining top talent is not an easy feat, here, 15 Fast Company Executive Board members share their best tips for training a high-level assistant that you can count on to work with you closely for the long term.

Big meetings are back. Make them matter


When it comes to big meetings, here are three key areas to focus your effort.

Business leaders share 13 tips to create a high-performing team

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Implementing these tips can help you ensure both company and employee success. When you are trying to build a successful business with credibility, hiring a reliable and capable power team is the first step to becoming a mainstay in the industry for the long term. Learning to engage with every team member, demonstrating that you are interested and invested in their contribution to the company's achievements over time, is also key to employee happiness and their willingness to stick around as they continue to develop and grow with the organization. Here are 13 other best practices from Fast Company Executive Board members to help employers find strong and competent employees that they can trust and depend on.

It's time to lay off the meetings, not the team


One desired outcome from a layoff is to operate more efficiently. But what if that efficiency could be gained without cutting the workforce?

To better manage others, manage yourself


Being a leader is hard work, but it’s even harder when you get in your own way. Take the extra time to make sure your signals are serving you and your team. 

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Stop Meeting Like This is a professional services firm that partners with forward-looking companies to transform how work gets done. Through collaboration practices that are intelligent, energizing, and right-sized, companies unleash diverse perspectives and realize the fullest expression of potential. From this foundation, results are achieved and exceptional experiences are made possible. Learn more at


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