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Sharon Lee Thony

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Sharon Lee Thony is a brand and marketing executive, with nearly two decades of experience creating award-winning marketing campaigns for travel, beauty, and luxury lifestyle brands. She is the founder and CEO of SLT Consulting, which was acquired by Fiverr in 2020. Sharon is passionate about changing the face of leadership and the future of work - and believes in creating opportunities for women and BIPOC professionals. She’s a mentor, advisor and investor in several innovative, female-led businesses. In her spare time, Sharon is co-host of Modern Minorities a Top 10 Podcast on society and culture, hosts Digital Marketing workshops at industry conferences and has taught over 1,000 classes and workshops in digital marketing as an Adjunct Professor at a number of Universities. She has earned a BA from New York University and an MBA from The Wharton School. She currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband, their two adorable sons, and their dog.

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14 tips to build brand awareness this holiday season (and beyond)

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Implementing these top strategies may help your business stand out during one of the most competitive selling cycles of the year.  The holiday season is the perfect time to nurture your established brand relationships with loyal customers and clients and possibly develop some new ones. Whether your company is targeting B2C or B2B, it's also a chance to come up with other creative concepts to grab people's attention, make them smile, and show them that you truly care.  If you focus on the humanization of your company, highlighting the effectiveness of your employees, you'll connect effectively with the community at large. Here are 14 ways that Fast Company Executive Board members are successfully keeping their organizations in the public eye not only in November and December but throughout the entire year.

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SLT Consulting (SLTC) is a boutique digital marketing collective that partners with savvy businesses looking to scale their efforts in various integrated marketing channels for growth: social media, search marketing, website optimization, email marketing, digital performance, and brand strategy. Notable clients include Peloton, Warby Parker, sweetgreen, and Facebook.


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