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I am a 'Moonshot Thinker'. If it isn't big, I don't bother! My company is 4D Healthware. Medicare has stepped up to pay for Chronic Care Management. We help providers receive more than $40 Per Patient Per Month in Medicare Reimbursement. We work with Providers, Payers, Employers and Patients to give seamless care to those who need it most. We have created software that transforms any healthcare system that waits until people get sick into one where people stay healthy by practicing preventative care and managing their health. Our solution offers population health, wellness, preventative care and personalized medicine. We use state of the art technology along with the best healthcare protocols. We supply the consumer with real time, actionable, information so they can incrementally change their lifestyle and improve their health. Why me? Because fixing healthcare is my passion. I know, love and understand technology and the power in using technology to better an industry. Ultimately, I want to save lives!

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4D Healthware

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The 4D Healthware team, investors and advisors are behind a singular mission, to give physicians the power to improve the health and save the lives of millions of patients with chronic illnesses. Each one of us on the 4D Healthware team has been touched by chronic illness either directly or has dealt with it in our immediate family. Our founder and CEO, Star Cunningham has been dealing with multiple chronic illnesses since she was a child. It was her own frustration with the healthcare system’s inability to appropriately diagnose, treat and coordinate her care that led to the creation of this enterprise. Her background at IBM providing smart data solutions to global clients and leading their implementation gave her deep insight into the power of data and emerging technology. She left IBM to apply that knowledge and experience where it’s needed most, to a fragmented and dysfunctional health delivery system. Star’s vision inspired all of us to join her on this journey, bringing our individual skills and experience together to solve this monumental problem. We’re all in this to save lives.



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