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Stephen Feline

Director of North AmericaLondon & Partners

New York, NY

Member Since February 2023


Business Development & Partnerships
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In his role as Head of North America, Stephen supports international businesses looking to expand into and scale in the UK as well as helping London-based companies setup and secure new clients in North America. London & Partners mission is to create economic growth that is resilient, sustainable and inclusive. Prior to joining London & Partners in 2019, Stephen managed a sub-division of an edtech in New York working primarily with clients in the financial services sector such as BlackRock, Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan and delivered services across Canada, the US, and the UK. Stephen has been quoted in media outlets including Fast Company, Fox Business and VentureBeat.

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If you're about to apply, consider these key points. There are a variety of resources available for new entrepreneurs to consider when they are just starting out and trying to grow a successful business in their market. Associating your business with either a startup incubator or accelerator program is one idea to consider if you are looking for opportunities to connect with mentors, technology tools, and more to elevate your organization to its next level.   We asked nine experts from Fast Company Executive Board to each discuss one factor that every rising leader should consider when they are weighing their options about which route to take. 

To provide opportunities for diverse workers, look where diverse talent has had success


As a business leader, if you genuinely care about diversity in your workforce, consider going where diverse tech talent already exists rather than trying to relocate employees to your existing HQs.

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How to invest in the right business technology even on a limited budget 

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Business leaders share their best strategies for implementing technology solutions at work without breaking the bank. Whether you are an early-stage startup organization with limited capital or a large company that is suddenly facing financial uncertainty, no matter how you look at it, the ability to utilize innovative technology to advance your team's capability to serve client needs will move your company forward—but this can be difficult to do when working with a limited budget There are still steps you can take, however. Below are 11 methods that Fast Company Executive Board members recommend implementing when searching for the right technology to invest in, despite any current budget constraints.

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London & Partners is the business growth and destination agency for London – it is our mission to create economic growth that is resilient, sustainable and inclusive. Our work shines a global spotlight on London; we support the Mayor of London's priorities by promoting London internationally as a leading world city.


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