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“Leadership is hard work. To have followers, people must want to follow you.” I have dedicated my career to understanding and improving organizational cultures through the creation and deployment of innovative assessment, leadership, and team development programs. My passion for improving businesses through harnessing the power of their people has given me the great opportunity to work with many progressive, global Fortune 1000 organizations. Serving in corporate roles for over 25 years, my insights and practical strategies for creating long term behavior and culture change grew from my experience as a Chief Human Resources Officer driving business transformation and implementing best practices with two Fortune 500 companies and a mid-size financial services organization. Prior to Dion Leadership, I had the great fortune to apply my corporate experience at a multitude of companies through being the co-owner of a global leadership and organizational development consulting firm. Learning from a decade of experience, I was able to bring many of our staff, consultants, and clients to form Dion Leadership with the expressed promise to always have… People-first mindsets Reliable results Best-in-class solutions and resources Long-term partnerships Attentive service We have built an amazing team of over 50 expert coaches and consultants who are similarly passionate and work tirelessly to bring these programs to life. Today, I spend much of my time researching best practices to support leadership development needs in this new decade and work with C-level executives to craft customized, long-term, and innovative leadership and culture development programs.

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16 strategies to launch a creative work lab that fosters innovation

expert panel

Apply these best practices to pique your employees' curiosity and increase their participation. When employees begin to demonstrate stagnant behaviors or disinterest at work, it may be a sign that it's time to offer them a new challenge to keep them engaged in their current roles and potential growth at the company they represent. One way company leaders can boost their team's low morale is to build a creative lab within the confines of the organization to create "intrapreneurship" opportunities, as well as a timely reminder of the business mission and goals and why they're here. Below, 16 experts from Fast Company Executive Board offer their best strategies for designing safe spaces that give staff members a voice to collaborate on innovative ideas and solve problems that will help the company grow.

12 ways leadership can contribute to their employees' growth 

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Investing in human capital is essential to competitive advantage in today's marketplace. One of the keys to building a successful company is hiring the right people. But, hiring the top talent will only take an organization so far if the leadership is not willing to support the education of high-performing employees who want to pursue the latest skills, invest in their personal growth, and apply their knowledge to the work they are doing every day on the job. If you want to invest in employee training and development, here are 12 strategies to consider when it comes to upskilling or reskilling your team, courtesy of Fast Company Executive Board members.

12 certifications that are worth your time and investment

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What's your business specialty? Use this list as a starting point for growth, development, and long-term career success in design. As the current market continues to evolve and grow more complex, it's a benefit to have years of practical, on-the-job training on your resume. It's a bonus if you can also find the time to become certified in a niche industry or specialization in your specific field that will put you in the driver's seat when determining the direction you want to take in your career. Here, 12 experts from Fast Company Executive Board each suggest one certification that every aspiring design leader should consider to enhance their current and future business options in their field of choice.  


Leading in a high-growth company requires a different set of decisions, actions, and behaviors to ensure the growth is well managed—and not chaotic.

16 smarter ways to balance your leadership responsibilities at work

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Here's how to improve your productivity and decision-making skills in 2024. Leading a successful corporation in the business sector or a nonprofit that is making an incredible impact on the local and greater community it serves sounds impressive and rewarding; however, it takes plenty of tenacity to maintain industry relevance and a different mindset to make smart business decisions. As the marketplace continues to transform itself in the new normal, managers may be feeling overwhelmed and burned out by all of the tasks piled on their plates to keep up with the changing consumer demands in an uncertain economic climate. To prevent them from high-stress levels, feelings of anxiousness, or seconding-guessing themselves when it comes to decision making, 16 experts from Fast Company Executive Board each offer one tip that could help company leaders get the support they need, which will change the course of their organization for the better.

19 tips to communicate more effectively with your remote workers 

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Here's how to elevate company culture in a digital office environment. If you are new to leading a remote or hybrid company, you may find yourself struggling to bridge the gap between management and staff members who work from home to create trust and transparency. By the same token, if you're new to working for a remote employer, you may be feeling isolated if you're unable to connect with your new co-workers and management the way you initially envisioned when you were onboarded for your "dream job opportunity."  To help leaders and their remote teams communicate more effectively and improve their working relationships in no time, 19 Fast Company Executive Board members each share one new idea for building a better company culture in 2024.

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Dion Leadership is a coaching, training, assessment, and organizational development consultancy based in Detroit, Michigan. We help organizations build strong leaders and even stronger organization cultures. Our team of 60 extraordinary coaches and consultants craft practical approaches to unique problems, delivering proven solutions. Our offerings include leadership coaching, management training programs, leadership and team development, talent assessment, and organizational development consulting. We recently launched a new research-based e-learning product that supports work-life alignment.


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