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Taja Dockendorf


Portland, ME

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Taja is the founder, Owner, and Creative Director at Pulp+Wire, a 100% female-founded, award-winning, full-service, CPG branding and marketing agency. Pulp+Wire specializes in helping natural and organic foods, cannabis, hemp, and lifestyle brands discover their identities and create websites, packaging, and social media strategies that resonate with their audiences. Taja has built Pulp+Wire into one of the most in-demand, referred design houses in the Northeast, and her creative approach to a client-centric and holistic business model has consistently earned the company multiple national and international awards. She is a contributor to Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Fast Company focusing on team culture in the creative space, and was named one of the top 30 women to watch in food tech in 2021. She has been featured in The Dieline, Graphic Design USA, and Food Manufacturing Magazine, among other publications. In addition to Pulp+Wire, Taja is also a co-founder of two beverage brands, an investor in emerging CPG brands, and produces a weekly podcast The Brand Alchemist Podcast highlighting the twist and turns of CPG brand builders.

Published content

Turn your failures into fuel


When we approach life this way—as a continual practice that offers room to improve and grow—failure drives solutions, which drive opportunity, which drives our going from good to great.

Have you found your true calling in life yet? 

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Here are 15 strategies to get you on the right path if you are still searching for personal and career fulfillment. When you're just starting out in a career of any sort, it's not unusual to—at times—feel worried or uncertain about your current path. How do you know if you are making the right decision about where you're committing your valuable time and energy in the workforce? Are you genuinely happy—at least for right now?  Being honest with yourself (and others) about your end goals is something to be proud of, and it's also a step in the right direction. Sometimes it's beneficial to experiment with different opportunities—even ones that turn out to be the wrong fit. To offer some further guidance, 15 Fast Company Executive Board members share additional ideas to find clarity as you begin to figure out where you want to see yourself five, ten, or even 20 years from now. In the meantime, proactively devote your best self to whatever it is you are currently doing now, while you're searching. You never know what your diligence in the task at hand may lead to down the road. It's all part of the journey.

Is now the right time to update your company's brand image? 

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Business leaders weigh in on 15 steps to take before introducing your brand to new and growing markets. As the new economy and digital marketplace continue to evolve, some business leaders may feel like they are under pressure to upgrade their brand's image in an effort to remain relevant to the next generation of potential clients and customers. However, oftentimes, you may need to simply assess which areas of your business need some minor adjustments rather than trying to reinvent the wheel. So before you consider the redesign process, members from Fast Company Executive Board are here to discuss some steps that they recommend when contemplating a rebranding idea for your company's logo and image. 

13 steps to keep companies on track to fulfill their mission

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Is your establishment still on the right path to achieve its original objectives? As the business starts to pick up its momentum in the marketplace through brand recognition and new partnerships, it's sometimes easy for founders or leadership teams to get sidetracked away from their original goals and why the company was launched in the first place. While it's important for entrepreneurs and business owners to task on certain risks and close in on the right deals, it's also crucial to maintain your core values and business integrity in the process as the company grows. Below, a panel of experts from Fast Company Executive Board shares 13 ways for business owners and executives to ensure that their current and future business practices still align with their organization's original mission and vision.

Five ways to help employees bring more presence and value to your team


When you give your team clear guidance on how to grow their positive, proactive presence, you can help everyone thrive.

How to let go of invisible limitations


When we let go of invisible limitations that don’t really exist, we get the pleasure of watching them crumble. And then we get the joy of walking forward into all we’re truly capable of.

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From start-ups to established enterprises, our holistic branding & marketing process finds the focus that both wrangles and builds enduring brands. The Magic. We believe the magic is in the details—details driven by clear vision, sound strategies, and award-winning creative. We help our clients navigate their branding and marketing journeys with expert insight, a healthy dose of humor, and a focused flow of universal energy. The Backstory. Founded in 2004, Pulp+Wire is a 100% female-founded and owned award-winning, full-service, consumer packaging, branding, and marketing agency. Pulp+Wire specializes in helping natural and organic foods, cannabis, hemp, and lifestyle brands discover their unique identity and creating the websites, packaging, creative collateral, and social media strategies that resonate with the booming audience for their products. As passionate “brand alchemists,” Pulp+Wire revels in the magic science of creative exploration that can turn a brand into gold. This client-collaborative process leverages both intuitive and analytical power to communicate the authentic corporate ethos that beats at the heart of the most successful brands.


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