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I am part designer, entrepreneur, and scientist. I leverage these tools to lead opportunities that affect the human condition for the better. I believe the world is what we make it, and doing less bad is not good enough. I am the founder of Studio Bracher, an award-winning design and strategy firm with two decades of experience creating innovative products, building meaningful brands, and bringing game-changing experiences to life, from insight to realization. I am the founder of Betterlab, born from the belief that sometimes it is best to create what is not there, that needs to be there, to improve our world where possible.

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14 business leaders discuss what to look out for and how to stay out of legal trouble. One of the most creative and fun aspects of launching a new business that produces quality products or services is to come up with the right company name that will attract organic users who will keep coming back to visit your website and browse long enough to improve your conversion rate. However, selecting and purchasing a domain name that will be memorable and easy to locate during a Google search is not just a random act of high hopes that people will come if you build it. It takes a well-thought-out strategy to ensure the domain also aligns with your brand's core values and will continue to be a good fit as your portfolio of offerings continues to grow over time. Below, experts from Fast Company Executive Board weigh in on essential items to consider whether you are purchasing a domain for a new or existing business.

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Betterlab is a visionary Industrial Design partner that co-creates with scientists, technologists, and innovators, to shape emerging research and foundational technologies into game-changing products and solutions that improves our bodies, minds, and the world in a measurable way.


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