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Toni Ann Careccio

Chief Customer Officer and Board MemberPortPro Technologies, Inc.

Los Angeles, CA

Member Since July 2023


Startup Founder
Supply Chain Management


I have a deep passion for building businesses alongside other hard-working and like-minded individuals. I have big dreams and believe in manifesting those dreams by prioritizing my self-awareness and by always doing the right thing. An uplifting, positive company culture that promotes teamwork is something that I stand passionately behind.... and I believe life is about helping people which is a big reason I try to make meaningful introductions every chance I can, with hope this mentality is paid forward. Love to golf, travel, dance, listen to music, spend time with my nieces & nephew, snowboard, hike, eat good food and drink fine wine!

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PortPro Technologies, Inc.

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PortPro is a privately-owned technology company providing transportation management software transforming operations for drayage carriers, freight forwarders, beneficial cargo owners, and brokers.



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Container tracking
Transportation Management System

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51 - 200