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A 4x SaaS Founder nicknamed UB & Unnat. Has experience building, investing, and growth hacking bootstrapped early-stage SaaS ventures. He focuses on his SaaS platform TABS Suite - Due Diligence as a Service as well as Revscale™ - A Sales & Marketing Automation Platform. Unnat is a Founder Institute Mentor for Growth Hacking. UB has his fingers into all things startups: from advising startups and mentoring founders with a strong focus on sales and marketing automation as growth hacking tools to taking advisory equity positions. His mission is to help people build sustainable businesses that are rich in both value for customers and value for the founding teams.

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Revscale™ is an AI relationship intelligence platform that helps users nurture and manage relationships at scale. The core products are Revscale Sales, which uses predictive analytics to identify and engage prospective customers based on public social data and engagement signals, Revscale Raise which connects those raising capital with interested investors by analyzing funding-related signals and conversations, and Revscale Recruit which leverages AI to source, qualify, and engage potential job candidates based on their experience and hiring signals. Underlying all the products is a powerful neural network and AI engine that uses a blend of proprietary data sources and premium verified data, driving relevant and meaningful business relationships at scale.



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