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Yaw is the cofounder & CEO of Malomo, a shipment tracking app for ecommerce retailers. We help your favorite retailers like Summersalt, Magic Spoon, Rhone, BrüMate and hundreds of others track millions of shipments around the world. Yaw has been featured as a commerce and customer experience expert in publications like TechCrunch, Business Insider, Forbes, Yahoo, Pitchbook, and others.

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We help ecommerce brands generate more revenue by turning their shipment tracking experience into a marketing channel. Customers are most excited after they buy so they check tracking 3.1 times. If you’re shipping 10,000 packages that’s 30,000 brand impressions. Most brands are sending that traffic to UPS or Fedex, handing it off to a third party and disrupting the customer's branded experience. It's never been more difficult to get and retain customer attention, so every touchpoint with a customer matters. We give you the control to turn the typically stale and confusing experience of shipping into an opportunity to drive customer engagement while the customer is most receptive to your brand.



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