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Zain Jaffer is a successful entrepreneur and investor with a diverse range of business ventures. He has a passion for using technology to solve problems and create value, and has spent his career finding innovative ways to do so. Jaffer's first major startup was Vungle, a company that provided in-app video ads on mobile phones. Founded in 2011, when the mobile app industry was in its early stages, Vungle was able to scale and reach over 1 billion people per month across 100,000 mobile apps. The company's revenues eventually grew to over $400 million and it became profitable. In 2019, Vungle was acquired by private equity giant Blackstone for $780M, marking a major milestone in Jaffer's career. In addition to his work with Vungle, Jaffer is also a partner at Blue Field Capital, a US real estate investment firm. At Blue Field Capital, he works with other real estate investors and manages the Bluefield Strategic Fund, a venture capital fund that has invested in over 20 companies. Jaffer is also a board member for several of the fund's portfolio companies, including Visual Feeder, Canopy Analytics, and Alongside his work with the Bluefield Strategic Fund, Jaffer is also involved in a range of commercial real estate ventures, including multifamily, hospitality, senior care, and construction. Expanding on his work in the tech and real estate industries, Jaffer also runs a family office called Zain Ventures. This company allows him to invest across a range of different asset classes and has currently appointed over 100 fund managers. Through Zain Ventures, Jaffer is able to support and encourage visionary entrepreneurs who are looking to shake up industries and create new ones. In addition to his business endeavors, Jaffer is also actively involved in philanthropy and giving back to the community. He runs a private foundation that supports causes all over the world, such as climate change documentaries about India, funding clean water infrastructure in Africa, and supporting organizations like Moms Against Poverty. Jaffer believes in using his success and resources to make a positive impact on the world and has supported numerous charitable causes over the years.


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Zain Ventures

Zain Ventures is a family office founded by entrepreneur and investor Zain Jaffer. With a diverse portfolio of real estate, startups, and other assets, Zain Ventures is committed to supporting and encouraging visionary entrepreneurs who are looking to shake up industries and create new ones. The company's investment approach is simple: place strategic capital with the right fund managers and partner with or invest directly in intra-industry visionaries. To execute this carefully developed investment management strategy, Zain Ventures engages over 100 highly respected and industry-leading fund managers across the fields of public equities, fixed income, and alternatives. These fund managers bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table, and are carefully selected for their ability to deliver strong returns for the company's portfolio. At Zain Ventures, the team is committed to investing in innovation, industry disruption, and breakthrough thinking. The company holds a diverse portfolio of assets and is able to invest freely across a variety of asset classes, geographies, return profiles, timelines, and strategies. All investments and funds under management belong to the personal estate of Zain Jaffer, affording the Zain Ventures team the unique capacity to make investment decisions without external constraints. As a lifelong entrepreneur and investor, Zain Jaffer has a wealth of experience in the tech and real estate industries. He has dealt with external angel venture capitalists and investors in various capacities, including as a founder, CEO, board member, shareholder, sponsor, co-investor, and a limited partner. This experience has given him a unique perspective on the world of investing and has allowed him to develop a successful and effective investment strategy for Zain Ventures. Overall, Zain Ventures is a company that is dedicated to making a positive impact on the world through its investments and partnerships. Whether it's supporting visionary entrepreneurs or investing in innovative technologies, Zain Ventures is committed to making a difference in the world.


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