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The ability to change will be the defining skill for the future. Aaron Bare is a leading strategic facilitator (IAF Endorsed Facilitator), storyteller, and author of a Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and #1 Amazon Bestselling book, “Exponential Theory, the Power of Thinking Big.” Aaron’s career has made him the sage on the stage and the guide on the side to some of the top exponential thinkers. He is a results-focused conscious leader that understands how to create a high-performing organization, deliver a message to the masses, and cultivate trust to solve any issue, in any room, anywhere, anytime. Through his facilitation work, Aaron has generated over $4 billion in documented results for his corporate clients, and generational impact with his community facilitation. Aaron has facilitated corporate strategy and innovation at NASA, Stanford, MIT Media Lab, Daimler, Coca-Cola, Google, Facebook, Adobe, Amazon, Belfius Bank, among others. He works directly in the Board Room and with Executives facilitating innovation and leadership. In his community facilitation initiatives, Aaron co-created the Bridge Forum, a national community-focused forum bridging the gap between police and the communities they serve. Through this, Aaron has helped facilitate the conversation to help both sides create new meaning and build a metaphorical bridge and process to communicate. Beyond the Bridge Forum, Aaron continues to impact the world with a massive transformative purpose of creating one million exponential leaders. To do this, Aaron has also led facilitations for Oxford Leadership, Hyper Island, WDHB, Wizard Academy, Flow Research Collective, Conscious Capitalism, and Kaos Pilot. In addition to his recognition as one of the top facilitators in the world, Aaron is a serial entrepreneur and company builder. He’s launched and sold 12 companies, three scalable educational programs (each impacting over one million people), three non-profits, three accelerators, and he is also a venture partner and venture scout at a venture capital firm and a venture studio. Aaron started his career as a strategist turned full-stack developer at Accenture, where he fostered his standards of excellence and deep strategic and technical knowledge. Aaron Bare holds an MBA in Global Management from Thunderbird School of Global Management, MA in International Studies from Indiana University, and BS (Honors) in Business from Indiana Institute of Technology. He has two kids (Bali + Maverick) that drive him to make the world better and he makes his home atop Scottsdale, Arizona.

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The Change Agents Academy is designed for leaders, high performers, and for anyone looking to improve themselves. Whether you’re looking to improve your leadership skills or an individual striving for personal and professional growth, XMBA can help you achieve your goals and reach new heights of success. By the end of the course, you will have gained the wisdom and skills necessary to thrive in any situation and see yourself making the impact you’ve always believed you would be able too. It will give you the tools to continuously improve yourself, be a better leader, and achieve more in your life, career or business.


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