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Aaron Bare leads digital transformation projects for Fortune 500 companies and is the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and #1 Amazon Bestselling Author of Exponential Theory; the Power of Thinking Big (X-Theory). Aaron is a Change Agent, a Strategic Facilitator, and a “Human Profit Center," that has facilitated innovation and strategy in close to 100 countries and all 50 States working with Global 100 companies and Venture Backed Startups (total run on sentence). Aaron completed the Google Cloud Certified - Cloud Digital Leader and is a Google Squared Guru (super trained in digital transformation (including 7 other Google Certifications). Also, Aaron is an Endorsed Facilitator by the International Association of Facilitators (a superpower skill that enables him to galvanize groups into action). Aaron is excited to help the world accelerate! He does this by facilitating digital transformation and tech-enabled change initiatives, leveraging Strategy, Experiences, Cloud, Data, AI, and all of the Exponential Technologies mentioned in his book (subtle plug to buy X-Theory). Ask Aaron how he can help your company, he promises to send you his book (if you ask nicely) and facilitate a super fun experience around the future of business for your leadership team. He only accepts challenging situations and likes to work with people that want to reinvent the world for good. He also promises to grow the pie for everyone, make hay (some say), and help merge tech and business decisions so your whole team benefits. Aaron was EIR at Thunderbird Global School of Management and Singularity University at NASA Ames. Aaron was cofounder and Vice-Chairman of the Herozona Foundation board, advisor to Equality Health Foundation, on the Board of Graphene-X, and the Fast Co. Executive Board. He also holds a Global MBA from Thunderbird and an International MA from Indiana University. He lives in Arizona (most of the year, when it is under 100 degrees), otherwise he’s travelling and likely coming to a city near you!


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April 25th, 2023

The future of work: Does the future still have meetings?

It's time to reimagine the workplace, redefine success, and transform the modern work experience in the era of the hybrid work model.

April 19th, 2023

Can industry conferences make you a stronger business professional?

If you want to strengthen your professional network, skills and knowledge, making time to attend industry conferences can be a great strategy.

January 18th, 2023

13 ways to retain existing loyal clients—no matter what the market climate

Reassuring your customer base that you value their business and want them to succeed—whether they're up or down—is what really matters and builds better partnerships. 

November 9th, 2022

Optimizing hybrid work by leveraging deep and collaborative work

As we rewire the brain to optimize flow, we will reinvent and reimagine work for the future.


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