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Adam Riggs


Washington, DC

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Adam Riggs is CEO of Frameable. Prior to founding Frameable, Riggs was a Presidential Innovation Fellow at the U.S. Treasury Department, and a member of Secretary of State John Kerry’s staff, advising on a variety of open data and knowledge management challenges. Riggs was also the first president and CFO of Shutterstock. One thing all of these positions had in common? Meetings. As a result of these cumulative experiences, Riggs is determined to solve the disconnect between virtual meeting software and human connection to create a better way to work for everyone.

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Frameable is a software company with a mission of making working together virtually feel as easy as turning around and talking to each other. This goal of seamless online collaboration has been realized through our Frameable Spaces and Frameable Events products. Events brings the much needed elements of interaction and connection to virtual spaces. Customize virtual events to reflect your brand's culture and audience's needs as you engage attendees with an interactive environment. Spaces enables spontaneous video and audio calls alongside or between your existing scheduled meetings, creating a greater level of visibility and spontaneity across an organization, department, or group. Learn more about careers at Frameable by visiting our careers site:



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