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Alex Howland

Co-Founder and PresidentVirbela

San Diego, CA

Member Since April 2021


Alex Howland, Ph.D., is president and co-founder of Virbela, a virtual world platform for work, learning, and events. Howland created Virbela in 2012, before it was purchased and made public by eXp World Holdings in 2018. Virbela’s mission is to help organizations and people thrive in a remote-first future. Alex leads the development of Virbela’s products and services -- continuing to expand the platform to accommodate not just business workspaces, but classrooms, event spaces, and recreational areas as well. Prior to co-founding Virbela, Alex was an instructor in the Psychology Department at University of California, San Diego, where he taught Industrial and Organizational Psychology to undergraduate students. His expertise in organizational psychology gives him a unique perspective on creating virtual work and education spaces. He designed Virbela specifically to create a unique virtual experience where users feel psychologically safe and are more likely to collaborate, brainstorm, and succeed. Alex has a bachelor of science in psychology from Providence College, and his Ph.D. in organizational psychology from Alliant International University, San Diego.

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Virbela builds engaging virtual worlds for work, learning, and events. Founded in 2012 by a team of behavioral psychologists, Virbela’s mission is to help organizations and people thrive in a remote-first future. With immersive 3D spaces that are deeply social and collaborative, Virbela brings business and in-person experiences to life online, while enabling teams to be more connected and productive.



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