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Alice Hayden is the Co-Owner, President & CEO of H2 IT Solutions, a Software Development and Systems Integration and Human Capital company, working primarily within the Department of Defense (DoD) Simulation and Training industry. She began as a software developer more than 15 years ago, and has expanded into education and training development, engineering support, and even cable production. Alice Hayden has a knack for data modeling and database design, a keen sense for creating a memorable training experience, and a love for program management. “As a Program Manager, as a CEO, my main job is to ensure my team has all that they need to perform their job easily and successfully. I survey the business landscape and remove roadblocks. I am my team’s most energetic champion, ready to protect and support them anytime.” When not chatting with folks at work, managing teams, or writing proposals, Alice loves to surf the Atlantic waves in the summer and snowboard the mountains in the winter. She’s also got a major artistic side, painting and creating abstract art with acrylics and pastels in her spare time. “I was born to be creative. Think Outside-the-Box to help solve problems. Improve people’s lives whether at work or at home. It is through empathy that I can be impactful.”


  • Program Management
  • Entrepreunership
  • Software Development


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H2 IT Solutions

H2 IT Solutions (H2IT) is software development and systems engineering and integration company located in Orlando, FL. For the past 15+ years we have worked with multiple Department of Defense (DoD) organizations such as the U.S. Navy, Army and and the Air Force. From training simulator assembly and installation to support services such has conducting site surveys and creating engineering drawings. In addition to the support of training systems, H2IT also provides onsite training range maintenance. We're a problem solving company ready to take on any challenge to get the job done right and to provide an enhanced user experience.


  • Software Engineering
  • Systems Integration
  • Human Capital


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