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Vice President and Executive Director at 4SITE by CORT4SITE by CORT

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Executive I Strategic Business Leader I Revenue Generation I GTM Strategist I Fast Company, Forbes and Propmodo Executive Board I am focused on shaping, growing and advancing solutions that deliver value to enterprise customers. Learning is an adventure and an essential component in recognizing trends, positioning organizations to bring relevant and innovative solutions to market, and cultivating impactful relationships. I have demonstrated success in revenue generation & growth, GTM strategy, product development, and strategic planning - aligning objectives with desired results. At the heart of the mission is the care and development of the team. Leading, leaning in, and learning with high performance teams is my passion. Focusing on a growth mindset is at the core of my personal and professional ethos. My greatest inspiration is our customers' and our peoples' success! Together we can accomplish remarkable things!

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How do you become successful in business? 

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Keep your eyes on the prize by applying these 18 tips. While success is attainable at various levels in a person's career, it doesn't just happen overnight—you have to work for it. You may even hit some bumps in the road along your journey, but any thought leader who has been in the game for a long time knows that business challenges and even failures are simply a part of the learning process.  Here, 18 Fast Company Executive Board members offer their advice to other professionals who are trying to reach their short-term goals of the moment—both professional and personal.

11 leaders share their definition of what it means to be successful

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Are you there yet? If not, how do you plan to get there? In the business world (and in personal life), success often means different things to different people. For some, it may mean being able to consistently reach your short- or long-term goals for the future you have in mind. For others, it's all about being content and happy in the moment—no matter what life throws at you.  In some cases, maintaining a solid work-life balance first and foremost is what truly matters, or being able to sleep peacefully at night knowing that their financial house is in order. Below, 11 Fast Company Executive Board members describe what success looks like for them and advise how you can achieve your own successful life.

Five ways to cultivate adaptability and collaboration in the office


It is important for companies to recognize the value of a flexible and collaborative work environment in today's rapidly changing business landscape.

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4SITE is designed to help you effectively and efficiently understand how your office space is being used and provides the data necessary to assess your future office space needs, get the most out of your existing real estate and protect the well-being of your workforce. Thinking of making changes to your real estate strategy? Do so confidently with 4SITE.


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