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Andrew Binns

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Andrew (Andy) Binns leads Change Logic a Boston-based strategic advisory firm. He is a co-founder of Change Logic and manages the firm on behalf of the partnership. Andy works with CEOs, boards, and senior teams as they lead significant business change. His goal is to help organizations liberate their potential to excite the world with innovation. Andy has twenty-five years of consulting experience as both an external and internal consultant for McKinsey & Co., the IBM Corporation, and Change Logic. At IBM, Andy was deeply involved in the ‘Emerging Business Opportunity’ program, for which he received an award from IBM’s Vice-Chairman. Andy primarily advises senior teams at technology and media firms. He has worked extensively with these firms to make and execute strategic choices to support business growth. He acts as a facilitator, provocateur, and strategic advisor to senior leaders as they set up and operate teams to explore new business opportunities. He advises on a range of issues such as strategy, business model development, and organizational design. He is known for his candid, challenging approach, which helps leaders address some of the hidden barriers to strategy execution. Andy is a frequent guest speaker and lecturer at companies and business schools and an award-winning business author. His article, ‘Three Disciplines of Innovation,’ co-authored with Professor Charles O’Reilly, was named Best Article in the California Management Review for 2020. His other articles include ‘Ambidextrous CEO‘ in the Harvard Business Review, the ‘Art of Strategic Renewal‘ in the MIT Sloan Management Review and a book chapter on ‘Getting Started with Ambidexterity.‘ He is the co-author of a new book, Corporate Explorer, to be published by Wiley in February 20222. He is an Executive Fellow at the Center for Future Organization at the Drucker School of Management and a member of the Fast Company Executive Board. Andy attended the University of Sussex, New York University, and the Quinlan Business School at Loyola University Chicago. He holds degrees in political science, marketing, and organizational development. His new book, Corporate Explorers, will be published by Wiley in 2022.


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Change Logic LLC

Change Logic is a Boston-based strategic innovation consultancy that helps established companies design and execute strategies for growth. We work with senior teams to disrupt their markets by successfully ideating, incubating, and scaling new businesses. Founded in 2007 by Andy Binns, Professor Michael Tushman from Harvard Business School and Professor Charles O'Reilly from Stanford, Change Logic combines deep research with skilled application. Change Logic works with clients across a range of industries around the world. Current clients include UNIQA, Analog Devices, Intel, IMCA, CUNA, Cloud Factory, LexisNexis, and The Atlanta Opera. Learn more at


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