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Andrew Collins

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San Francisco Bay Area

Andrew Collins, co-founder and CEO of Bungalow, was inspired to create Bungalow after experiencing first-hand the difficulties of finding an affordable apartment and establishing a community when relocating to San Francisco. With COO and co-founder Justin McCarty, he identified a gap in the residential real estate market and seized the opportunity to create accessible rental options for people looking to move to new cities without an established personal network. Since launching in 2017, Bungalow has helped countless people find community through co-living. Andrew has a degree in Sociology from Princeton University and earned his M.B.A. from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.


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November 11th, 2021

Now up for tech transformation: Rental housing

Across the rental housing industry, landlords are using technology to develop a detailed understanding of what renters are looking for.

September 27th, 2021

Evolving urban property management to deliver what Zoomers want

For many, urban living has evolved into a lifestyle preference. And it creates opportunities for landlords nationwide.



Bungalow is a residential real estate platform providing beautiful homes with great roommates, paired with a seamless digital-first experience for early career professionals. The company takes care of everything from matching great roommates and furnishing a home’s common areas to streamlining rent and utilities payments and handling service requests, removing friction from the rental experience. In addition, Bungalow helps its residents create a thriving community through exclusive social events and volunteer opportunities. Bungalow is able to offer rooms in the most desirable neighborhoods by working directly with homeowners who are looking for a guaranteed income stream but don’t want to sell their homes. Founded in 2017 by Andrew Collins and Justin McCarty, the company currently has more than 3,000 housemates in thousands of homes across 16 markets.