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Andrew Woessner is the CEO and founder of R-Path Automation, a consulting firm specializing in designing and implementing intelligent automation programs for mid-size companies.

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12 tips for overcoming imposter syndrome in leadership

expert panel

Here's how to embrace your confidence and skills in the workplace. Whether you're new to management or a highly regarded thought leader, the imposter syndrome continues to be a real problem as you continue to climb the business ladder. It's common to question your ability to make the right decisions that will impact your team, but it's unhealthy to feed your mind with negative thoughts and discount what led you to become a successful leader in the first place. Expert panelists from Fast Company Executive Board know all about defeating self-doubt. Here, they weigh in on their own strategies to avoid the imposter syndrome and discuss how colleagues can stop second-guessing their decision-making abilities and worrying about how other people see them.

14 tips companies need to consider before going fully remote

expert panel

If you're trading in your brick-and-mortar space in favor of a digital office environment, business leaders are weighing in on some important points before you jump ship. As hybrid-remote work options continue to rise, some employers may be thinking that now is the time to transition to a permanent remote business. Whether it's to save on unnecessary real estate spending, continued health safety, or ability to expand your talent acquisition and client base globally, you'll need to be strategic about how your company plans to move ahead without missing a beat.  Below, 14 Fast Company Executive Board members discuss essential details that every leader should take into account when transitioning from a traditional on-site company to an entire remote establishment.

Five best practices for using automation to address employee burnout


Burnout is one of the major challenges facing today’s workforce. Organizations need to invest thoughtfully to address it.

9 ways to keep stakeholders confident in a tough economy

expert panel

Here's how to build business stamina and even increase alliances in uncertain times. When times are hard and business is slow, it's easy to become overwhelmed and lose clarity about your purpose and position. On the contrary, that's the time when you need to dig deeper and get creative to remind yourself, your team, and the external stakeholders who invest their time and money in your brand why you got into this industry in the first place.  Be transparent, share your story, and come up with an alternative action plan that will get others excited again, paving the way for your company to secure a brighter and sustainable future, come what may. Below, 9 experts from Fast Company Executive Board provide leaders with strategies they can implement today to satisfy their stakeholders with performance.

How to defuse a tense business situation and stop stressing

expert panel

Here are 12 tactics to help you remain level-headed in the heat of the moment. If you're worried about losing a client over an agreement gone wrong or miscommunication, before you go into a meeting reacting impulsively out of fear or frustration, remember to stop, rethink your approach to addressing the misunderstanding, and check your emotions at the door.  At the end of the day, it will strengthen your ability to handle conflict, you'll salvage a key client relationship that may have been in jeopardy, and be appreciated for your professionalism, empathy and willingness to represent your stakeholders in a positive light. A panel of experts from Fast Company Executive Board shares their advice on how to turn a bad situation into a good one and move forward in business.

Don't skimp on these 15 expenses (even when money is tight)

expert panel

No matter how limited your business budget is, every company should find room for these essential line items. A business’s cash flow, especially during the pandemic, can get thin at times. In these cash-strapped periods, it’s vital for executives to make shrewd money decisions based on company values and goals. While saving money should be a priority in these situations, there are some parts of the business that shouldn’t be undercut. Below, members of Fast Company Executive Board each shared one thing executives should never skimp on, even on a tight budget.

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R-Path Automation

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The nature of work is changing, and successful companies are maximizing the value of their employees by offloading tasks to digital workers and restructuring the way work gets done. R-Path Automation is a consulting firm that designs and implements intelligent automation programs for mid-size companies. Utilizing a variety of automation tools and platforms and their proven quick start method, the R-Path team identifies business processes with the most significant opportunity for automation. They design, program, and implement digital workers to assist their human counterparts, and in doing so, create a new automation capability in each organization – priming each client for a future with automation.



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Artificial Intelligence
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