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Hi! I'm the New York Times bestselling author of 8 books. My latest, On Good Authority: How Founders and CEOs Can Prepare, Promote and Profit from a How-to Book That Makes Them the Go-to Expert, will be released on 4/23/23. I'm also a 3-time TEDx speaker and talking head for GMA, The Talk and dozens of other programs. I've written for the New York Times, Time, Playboy, Vanity Fair and the Huffington Post, among many others. My podcast has been named one of the best publishing podcasts by LA Weekly, Feedburner, Podchaser and Kindlepreneur, among others. Through Legacy Launch Pad, I've overseen numerous books that have become Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestsellers—books which have helped our clients add six figures to their bottom line, sell their book rights to film producers and appear on shows like Today and Good Morning America as well as attract higher-quality clients, land speaking gigs and grow into being the leaders in their field. Find out about our services at Not sure if you have a book in your or even want to do this? You might want to consider our book call and outline service ( If you're looking for a bargain-basement price, we are NOT for you. But we fact, our clients might say we OVERdeliver. See evidence here: Want to get my secrets every week? Go to If you're an industry leader and already know you want to work with us, click here:


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We are a collective of New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling authors who write for publications like the New York Times, The Huffington Post and The Daily Beast. We come from the traditional publishing world and our founder (that's me!!) is often called upon to share her knowledge from over two decades of working in the publishing industry—speaking at masterminds and events worldwide, hosting a top publishing podcast and serving as the on-air book critic for ABC/KATU Portland. At Legacy Launch Pad, we write and publish books for founders and CEOs that get them wherever they want to go, whether that's sharing their expertise on TV shows, speaking on stages, attracting more business, leaving a legacy or all of the above.


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