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Anna is an award-winning organizational strategist, equity activist, and Co-CEO & Founder of Tidal Equality -- a tech-enabled strategy firm solving the problem of inequality at scale -- that she founded with partner Dr. Kristen Liesch. Tidal Equality delivers radically new solutions (check out our Wave process and our Equity Sequence) that help organizations build justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. Prior to founding Tidal Equality, Anna spent 15+ years leading enterprise-wide strategy, organizational change, and strategic public policy initiatives -- with a particular focus on equity and systems change issues -- in organizations including the City of Toronto, the YMCA of Greater Toronto, The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, the Royal College of Physicians UK, and more. Since founding Tidal she has also gained significant experience in the corporate world with clients that include leading international banks, law firms, tech companies, and more. She completed her Masters at the University of London (UK) and her undergrad at McGill. In 2023, Anna was awarded McGill University's Desautels Management Achievement Award for contributions to business and society where she was recognized for her positive disruption of the way business approaches diversity, equity, and inclusion. You can reach Anna via or by email at


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Tidal Equality

Tidal Equality is focused on helping organizations solve the problems of inequality at scale and we are determined to educate our market on new ways to solve this age-old problem. We have invented two powerful methodologies organizations and individuals can use to reduce the problems of bias, discrimination, and inequality and to expand equity, diversity, and inclusion. Our most powerful and effective methodology is Equity Sequence (it's like Agile or Lean but for making more equitable decisions and designs), it's a system of 5 elegantly simple questions any one and any team can use to spot the problems of bias and inequality in action and transform it. It's a scalable, useful, totally different approach to building more diverse and inclusive organizations and better yet -- it helps companies drive a whole new category of innovation -- equitable innovation -- in products, services, and customer and employee experiences. Check it out at


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