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I am a strategic Marketing Leader with a passion for building things: ✦ Brands ✦ Businesses ✦ Bottom Lines. Data-led and idea-driven, I quickly diagnose organizational needs/opportunities, and provide profit-driving business solutions in Fortune 500 companies and top communications agencies. I am known for transforming brands and businesses with a philosophy of “leave it better than you found it.” ✦ LEADERSHIP: Leverages expertise as an “organizational maestro” who brings together the right ensemble of talent, skills and experience to every challenge. Curates best-in-class, cross-functional teams that meet and exceed results. ✦ INNOVATIVE: Challenges “what is” to uncover “what could be.” Employs data and insights to identify solutions and opportunities that surprise and delight. Initiates new marketing strategies meeting consumers where they are, building long-term brand love, and delivering best-in-class customer experience. ✦ RESULTS-DRIVEN: Delivers game-changing business solutions that increase stakeholder value by re-establishing competitive edge and marketplace leadership. ✦ ORGANIZATIONAL TRANSFORMATION: Empowers companies to embrace challenging and changing marketplace conditions by capitalizing on existing strengths and identifying critical need-gaps to compete and succeed. ✦BUSINESS MANAGEMENT: Institutes vision and operational leadership that grows brand and business value across diverse industries including FMCG, QSR, Retail, Healthcare, F&B/Spirits. Contact me at


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Blue Sky Agency

Blue Sky Agency is the independent Atlanta agency. We’re built for brands that want a partner with courage to challenge the status quo, without bogging things down. Brands are caught in the middle of an explosion of data and technology, compounded by increasing fragmentation and decreasing attention spans. This has created a seismic shift in marketing, leaving industries scrambling for solid ground. These disruptions create complexity and complexity stalls progress. Our foundation is built to counter those challenges with clarity. We use data, research, and creativity to find the clearest, most direct path to results. Then we put it into action, with the size and agility to ensure we aren’t just keeping the pace—but setting it.


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