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Antonella brings more than 24 years of digital experience with a focus in eCommerce leadership and digital marketing. Prior to starting Eyeful Media, she held VP and SVP roles at companies including Proflowers, Guitar Center, JCPenney, and Fossil. Antonella is an avid traveler and photographer, with a particular focus on visiting places off the beaten path including Antarctica, Easter Island, Bhutan, and the Arctic. She is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese and knows enough French & Italian to get by with locals. She is based in Dallas, TX.

Published content

How competitor research-focused pages — not keywords — can lead to better content


Traditional keyword-based research is a common strategy for competitor analysis in a digital marketing campaign.

13 bad habits that keep business leaders from succeeding

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Get over yourself and trust your team. When you're a first-time entrepreneur who is trying to establish your company in the marketplace, there are plenty of responsibilities that will fall on your plate—anticipated or unexpected. You'll also need to maintain credible brand awareness, develop the right community of advocates to move your company ahead, and ensure repeat customers.  These challenges can be overwhelming if you don't have the right team in place. It's essential to build the strongest foundation of team leaders who can stand confidently and remain trustworthy in your absence. But your professional success also depends on your own ability to change old behavior patterns at work. To help guide your strategic action plan to improve workflow and remove distractions, Fast Company Executive Board members share advice on the 13 bad habits every start-up business owner may be guilty of at times and should eliminate from their daily routine hereafter.

13 tips to stay level-headed in the world of business

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Be calm and professional in the workplace, so you can lead your employees by example. When you are dealing with team dynamics and diverse perspectives in the workplace environment, there are bound to be occasions when team leaders or co-workers disagree over the projected plans on an assignment or a decision that was made. In these cases, it's best for everyone involved to put the conversation on pause so they can take time to reflect on what's happening and refrain themselves from overreacting on the spot. Here are 13 suggestions from Fast Company Executive Board members to help agitated colleagues focus on the business at hand without losing their cool.

15 ways smaller brands can infuse philanthropy with their mission

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Try these simple ideas to build the right community partnerships that make a difference. When you're a small business owner just starting out in the marketplace, one way to expand your reach and build stronger, authentic community relationships is by paying it forward to others who are in need.  There are plenty of creative ways to get started if you begin to think outside of the box to develop a relatable tie-in that also builds on the company's mission and credibility. Below are 15 experts from Fast Company Executive Board to share their tips.

The science of building a remote culture


While it may seem a challenge, there are steps you can take to build a remote working community that is every bit as rich in culture as any in-office workplace.

Here's how leaders and teams can embrace progress, not 'perfection'

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12 ways managers and staff can command professional higher standards for themselves without obsessing or feeling anxious. What does your version of "finished" look like? Does a designated task have to be "perfect" or can it simply be "good enough"—for the moment?" If you're a manager or direct report who struggles with the idea of "perfectionism" in the workplace, then you may be missing out on the bigger picture.  While the fine details of a crucial assignment or potential contract should never be compromised or taken lightly, finding the right balance to get the primary work done, effectively, and in a timely given manner is just as essential. Focusing on what you can control—in lieu of what you can't, is also a key component of personal growth and continued learning to build further on the next iteration of a project. Here are 12 tips from  Fast Company Executive Board members to help change your mindset and improve your workflow habits so you can move forward.

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Eyeful Media is a digital marketing & consulting firm focused on performance marketing and digital strategy for mid-market companies. We were ranked #542 on the 2021 Inc. 5000 list, and #12 in Dallas. We offer a variety of digital marketing management services including paid search, paid social, SEO, and other channels. Our team is comprised entirely of proven marketers with an average of 13 years of hands-on digital experience. We are a female and minority-owned business and have grown nearly exclusively through word of mouth.


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