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Artiom Anisimov

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)EOS Data Analytics

Washington, DC

Member Since December 2022


Big Data
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Artiom Anisimov is the CEO of EOS Data Analytics, a global provider of AI-powered satellite imagery analytics. He is also a co-founder of Firefly Aerospace and a President of the Noosphere Ventures investment fund, focused on investments in space technologies, fintech, and big data analytics. Artiom is a licensed attorney in the state of New York with a graduate degree in Space Law and a life-long passion for commercial exploration and the use of outer space.

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How space technologies change our perception of Earth


We are to push the boundaries of our perception and embrace the next frontier, for the exploration of space is not just a technological achievement but also a means for economic growth, social progress, and environmental protection.

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EOS Data Analytics

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EOS Data Analytics (EOSDA) is a global provider of AI-powered satellite imagery analytics. The company operates worldwide, partnering with governmental, commercial, and scientific organizations. The company provides Earth observation solutions for smart decision-making in 22 industries, with the main focus on agriculture and forestry. EOSDA combines data retrieved from satellite imagery with AI technologies and proprietary algorithms to analyze the state of crops within farms and trees growing in forest stands to drive businesses and implement sustainable practices globally. The EOSDA’s mission is to harness the power of satellite technologies to provide businesses with fast and accurate data-driven decisions.



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Information Technology
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201 - 500