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Avik Pal is the CEO of CliniOps, a Data Science company for Life science industry, with a vision to make drugs trials accessible, inclusive, faster, & cheaper. CliniOps has received several industry recognitions from Gartner, Frost & Sullivan, FDA, Pharma Voice among others. Avik is passionate about Global Health, Social Entrepreneurship and Impact. He was profiled by The Technology Headlines magazine among ’50 Successful Indian Entrepreneurs in US’. He was also a US Department of State Delegate at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit. He also enjoys travelling and has traveled to 40+ countries, including an expedition to Antarctica. Avik holds a B. Tech (Honors) from IIT Kharagpur, and an MBA from University of San Francisco, where he was awarded the ‘McLaren Fellowship’.


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CliniOps, Inc.

CliniOps is a Data Science company for the Life Science industry, to support digital trials, leveraging AI, mobile, analytics, cloud, sensors & connected devices. CliniOps’s innovative mobile eClinical App Suite (eSource, EDC, ePro, eICF, CTMS et. al), helps BioPharma companies bring drugs faster to market, with high data quality and less cost. It transforms the clinical trial workflow by streamlining the clinical data management, clinical operations and regulatory submission processes. The technology is custom built with seamless collaboration between the sites, sponsors and patients in mind, with a focus on eSourcing, Monitoring & Patient Engagement. CliniOps recognizes that trials with global sites (across Asia, Africa, South America et al), face several data challenges (data collection, data management, data quality & data security), especially where access to internet at the 'point-of-care' is a constant challenge. CliniOps’s compliant and validated solution supports complete offline functionality. This enables data to be collected electronically right at the point-of-care, and synchronized at regular intervals even at low bandwidth and high latency areas. This ensures near realtime data, eliminates paper, streamlines the workflow, cuts time and money and significantly increases data quality. CliniOps has also introduced multiple innovations and integrations leading to a fully automated clinical trial workflow. Through technology innovations, CliniOps aims to help Pharma and Biotech companies, bring new drugs to market faster, that can cure millions of lives. CliniOps is headquartered in Fremont, CA, USA, with an office in Kolkata, India.