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The art of staying connected with a remote workforce—without constant meetings


With the right mix of technology, collaboration, and fun, you can foster a sense of connection without filling up your employees’ calendars.

15 ideas to cultivate an open mindset for change in the workplace

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Prepare your team early so they'll be up to the task and expectations. Building a culture of adaptability, among leadership and staff, starts with clarity and transparency about the company's objectives if you want to get everyone on board from the top down.  As you train and encourage your team to be fearless about facing challenges, they will become much more resilient and willing to go the distance, implementing a new direction at the company that is positive and beneficial for all. Below, 15 members of Fast Company Executive Board present their best practices for introducing a new approach to the business process that makes employees feel confident about embracing a flexible mindset and becoming more involved as valuable company stakeholders in their role to move the organization forward.

13 ways global expansion improves business opportunities

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Taking your brand overseas breaks barriers in more ways than one. It's been a tough economic time across most industries these past years during COVID, but if you have the wherewithal to take your company global, then you'll be doing yourself a big favor. Given the opportunities that exist to reach untapped clientele, talent, and future business partners, the move will spark innovative mindsets as you create a winning business environment through your organization's platform that works well for all parties involved. Here, 13 Fast Company Executive Board members discuss the decision to invest in other markets outside of the United States and how the move has enhanced their company's growth potential.

15 ideas to boost your business recognition in the marketplace

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If you're strapped for cash, you can still find practical ways to launch and grow your new establishment successfully. Building a start-up business on a small budget is never easy. But being new to the industry it's important to build the best track record and gain as much positive attention as possible to elevate and expand your company in no time. Below, 15 gurus from Fast Company Executive Board share their time and knowledge about low-cost ways to create a buzz factor of excitement about your product or service.

16 productivity hacks that keep business leaders on track

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Implement these workflow strategies when deadlines are quickly approaching. When you are stretched thin with plenty on your to-do list, believe it or not, the best thing you can do is to relax (mentally and physically) periodically throughout the work day. By doing so, you'll refuel your energy level, be more focused and productive as you push past the finish line to reach your short- and long-term goals. Below, experts from Fast Company Executive Board describe their most effective productivity hacks during crunch time and how useful they are when you are trying to get the most done.

Here's how to work through collaborative disagreements

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Cultivate a culture of unity, understanding, and company success. Some of the best company initiatives or creative campaigns may have started out in a room full of disagreement. So, if you find yourself in a similar situation with colleagues about how to move forward on a collaborative project, it's best to put it on pause, humanize each contributor's voice, and remind yourselves why you began working together in the first place. Finding your way back to the true value incentives is a best practice to align with the company's mission and goals. Here are 15 ways, from Fast Company Executive Board members, to help team members put the good of their company (or project) first.

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