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Drawing upon over 20 years of industry leadership, I founded InnovateNOW Venture Studio which propels high-growth ventures through strategic partnerships, investments, and expert guidance. The firm invests in companies through Nottingham Unlimited Ventures. We're not just investors; we're catalysts for world-changing innovation. Our portfolio spans 30+ pioneering companies in med-tech, IoT, e-Mobility, and emerging technologies, driving impactful change and shaping the landscape of tomorrow. Unlock the power of innovation in just 10 minutes! Join me as I host the podcast, "Keeping Innovation Alive." For electrifying conversations with pioneering minds, visionary founders, and trailblazing CEO's. In each bite-sized episode, dive into the minds of industry leaders as they share their secrets, insights, and strategies to fuel innovation. This show is found on all major podcast platforms.

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How well do you handle professional and personal rejections?

expert panel

20 tips to overcome life's challenges and move ahead. No matter what type of career path you choose to follow in life, it's essential to develop tough skin and a positive, healthy mindset about your talents, goals, and purpose. Whether it's a new job opportunity, a promotion, or a business deal you're looking to close, it's normal to face plenty of rejections and hearing a lot of "nos" before you get to the yeses.  Talking through your frustrations with a trusted mentor or reading about inspirational success stories and how others have been able to overcome difficult setbacks in business and life, will remind you that failure can also be a pathway to success. Here, 20 Fast Company Executive Board members each offer one tip for aspiring career professionals who need a little motivation to keep going despite rejections.

15 business tips for keeping up with industry changes in tech

expert panel

In the ever-changing tech field, staying on top of industry trends is essential for career and business success. Technology is constantly evolving, with new innovations and advancements being introduced regularly. It's essential for professionals in the tech industry to stay up to date with these changes to remain competitive and relevant. However, keeping up with industry changes can be a daunting task, especially as the pace of technological development continues to accelerate. Below, a panel of 15Fast Company Executive Board members shared some of the most effective ways to stay informed about the latest trends and developments in tech, so you can stay ahead of the game and continue to excel in your field.

Lessons from design school that can be applied to business


For a designer, the ups and downs in the middle are often the best parts of the journey. Getting out of your way, starting over, and valuing critiques can help establish the right mindset to solve challenges in business.

Launching a podcast? Here are 13 factors for leaders to consider

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It starts with the right topic and a diverse group of thought leaders. The uptick in on-demand podcasts continues to attract a diverse group of audience members and spans all industries. Therefore, it's important for business leaders, who are interested in launching a brand-related or independent digital listening series to develop a smart, niche concept and then bring in the right guests. To give the people what they want through added value content, it's not a bad idea to test the waters first to ensure you are on the right track with potential clients and customers.  Below are 13 tips Fast Company Executive Board members want other leaders to consider if they are thinking about expanding their company's brand awareness through the development of a podcast series.

13 design trends that benefit companies in today's marketplace 

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Implement these latest innovations to help your company thrive. Whether it's utilizing a bold color statement in a rebranding campaign or coming up with an innovative human-centered design that serves current and prospective clients much better, there's a lot for companies to be excited about and engaged in the upcoming years. As the competition continues to escalate, company business leaders and their creative teams need to stay ahead of the forecast so they can be one step ahead in the global market. We asked 13 leading experts from Fast Company Executive Board to share their thoughts on some of the biggest design trends on the rise and why they're so essential.

Inertia is the greatest challenge to innovation. Here’s how to counter it.


Identify areas of inertia within your company and allow for a culture of experimentation to foster.

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