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Bill Nottingham

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Nottingham Unlimited Ventures, LLC

Cleveland/Akron, Ohio Area

I'm an Innovator, thought-leader and interested in the latest in new technology. I love collaborating with other like-minded leaders to tackle challenges. Ultimately, I want to improve everyday lives of others through innovative new products and systems. I'm Managing Partner of Nottingham Unlimited Ventures, a family office portfolio company with managing interests in 30 innovation ventures, including Nottingham Spirk. I'm also CEO and Founder of InnovateNOW, where I help companies strategize and implement innovation for long term growth. I've been a leader in the innovation space for over two decades, spanning Automotive Design, Consumer Products, Medical Devices and Augmented Reality Solutions. I'm an active member of the Consumer Technology Association, best known for hosting the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) annually. I'm on technology standard committees for Health & Fitness, Vehicle Tech, Smart Home and XR. I'm host of the podcast series, Keeping Innovation Alive - The Podcast. It's a (10min) format where I host interviews with guest innovation leaders, founders and CEO's to share how they've overcome challenges and how they are currently keeping innovation alive. My show is found on every major podcast platform.


  • Industrial Design
  • Product Design
  • Design Strategy


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Nottingham Unlimited Ventures, LLC

Nottingham Unlimited Ventures is a family office portfolio of 30 consumer and medical device innovation companies, including Nottingham Spirk. I'm also CEO & Founder of InnovateNOW. I collaborate with Fortune 500 companies on identifying opportunities for growth through innovative products or processes. I inspire new thinking through interactive creative sessions in order to activate internal teams. I'm also host to the series, Keeping Innovation Alive - The Podcast (found on all major podcast platforms).


  • Business Innovation
  • Strategic Growth
  • 3D Technology