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Brad Liski

CEO & Co FounderTru Earth

Port Moody, BC, Canada

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Brad Liski is a social entrepreneur and the CEO of British Columbia-based Tru Earth, a global household cleaning product company focused on biodegradability and the elimination of waste. The company is one of several founded in his lifetime, but the first that inspires him to wake up every morning excited to make a difference. Liski is a member of the Board of the Salish Sea Research & Education Society and is passionate about the environment and causing disruption for the betterment of the planet. He has also built a strong partnership between Tru Earth and the global conservation organization, Ocean Wise. Together, the two organizations have founded the American Shoreline Clean-up Program to encourage others to get involved in the fight to save the oceans and the planet. In addition, Liski is a leader in positioning companies and brands for dynamic growth and profitable expansion; he has a long and verifiable record of success leading start-up, high growth, acquisition, merger and receivership operations. Liski believes that the best thing we can do to save the planet is to educate young people. He lives out this passion as a mentor at Entrepreneurship @ University of British Columbia focusing on climate solutions. Liski was recently named a Sustainability Leader by Canada’s Clean50 for 2022. As the leader in the Retail Product category, he has been recognized for making the most significant impact in helping Canada reach our climate targets. Other awards Liski and Tru Earth have received include B.C.’s CEO of the year, B.C.’s Top Exporter of the Year, and Best Eco-Friendly Household Product Company 2022.

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Founded in 2019, Tru Earth is a global household cleaning product company focused on biodegradability and the elimination of waste. At its core, Tru Earth is a movement of 1 million people in 78 countries committed to combating the billions of plastic containers dumped in landfills and oceans globally each year (#TruEarthMovement). Tru Earth customers are #TruChangeMakers, disrupting the multi-billion-dollar household cleaning product industry, helping to eliminate the use of plastic containers for cleaning products and caring for the health of the planet and their families. The company’s expanding suite of products for laundry, bathroom and kitchen come with the pledge to provide #TruChangeMakers with a better way to clean and help make a positive impact on the environment. As part of its corporate social responsibility, the company educates consumers on eco-friendly swaps and donates products to families in need across the globe. To date, Tru Earth has donated more than 20 million loads of laundry with a guiding ethos that many small hinges can swing open the very big door on climate change. In 2022, Tru Earth partnered with OceanWise to launch the American Shoreline Clean-up Program.


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