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Brian Price leads Kion (formerly and the strategy to achieve the company's mission to make people’s lives easier in the cloud. Before co-founding the company, Brian built software and led software teams at several industry leaders, including Northrop Grumman, Booz Allen Hamilton, and Jacobs Engineering to name a few. This software helped these companies transform their internal processes and deliver advanced analytics capabilities to customers. One of these applications launched the first self-service internal cloud platform provisioning service, using AWS and VMware vSphere, for Booz Allen Hamilton. These leadership experiences paved the way for Brian in his current role at to help organizations of all sizes realize success using the cloud. In his spare time, Brian loves crafting the perfect recipe in the kitchen while brainstorming the right ingredients for the company’s next success.

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Kion (formerly, a 50+ person innovative software company based in Fulton, MD, is solving key cloud management challenges for federal and commercial organizations including NASA, DoD, DHS, Verizon, and Indeed. We provide the only comprehensive cloud enablement solution that lets you manage and control your cloud environment at scale. Kion automates end-to-end cloud provisioning—from account creation to sunsetting—while enforcing access control and financial and compliance policies in the cloud. Kion was created to empower enterprises that need a scalable approach to overcome the interdependent challenges of managing their multi-cloud environments. Our solution brings together your siloed networking, security, and infrastructure teams to make the end-to-end cloud account vending process happen in a matter of minutes. Features like savings opportunities help you control growing costs and identify easy ways to save money by rightsizing underutilized and decommissioning unused cloud resources. Our support for cloud providers helps your teams quickly grow their technical skills, allowing your business to use the best platform based on the application’s use case. Kion gives you the time back from the grunt work of managing the cloud to focus on innovation, lowering your total cost of ownership and accelerating your ROI in record time.



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