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Brook Zimmatore

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Massive Alliance

Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida Area

Brook Zimmatore is a media and publishing technologist, entrepreneur and author. He specializes in building technology for people and publishers that improves the information we provide in the media.


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November 4th, 2022

Stop spending so much on money: A roadmap to a recession-proof business model

The true tragedy of companies publicly laying off a large percentage of their staff is that it all can be avoided.

July 29th, 2022

Dear leaders: It's time to wake up and bring your organization back to life with gamification

When the system is broken, employees will run for the exit. Through gamification, you can not only meet your objectives, but also create a happy and productive workforce.


Massive Alliance

Massive Alliance is a media technology company, building digital solutions for people and publishers. As media technologists, we create solutions that are scalable and economical for publishers, magazines, news media, social and content syndicators. Our mission is to upgrade the written word across the published media, by solving the antiquated process, technology, and failing revenue models of digital publications, and thereby bringing a new renaissance of knowledge to the world.


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