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Carrie Weaver

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Hi 👋🏼! I'm Carrie Weaver, the CEO, Executive Coach, and Master Trainer at Silver Branch Consulting. Prior to running my boutique leadership development firm, I spent 15 years in the Human Resources field in start-ups as well as Fortune 500 companies, ending as a Chief People Officer. Many moons ago, I was a Geologist studying everything from Martian meteorites ☄️ to contaminated groundwater in White Sands New Mexico ⚒️. I'm a third Scientist, a third Empath/Reiki Master, and a third People expert. Guaranteed you haven't met an Executive Coach and Leadership trainer quite like me before ;) I hold an MS from Arizona State University and certifications in several developmental frameworks including MBTI, Hogan, Energy Leadership, and Situational Leadership. I am a dual-certified executive coach, and the developer and Master Trainer behind Career CAPE - a program that teaches a different approach to find a job. One that results in an offer for every 12 conversations (not interview conversations, just conversations). My coaching clients enjoy: - Career clarity and simplified job search navigation - Communicating and influencing with greater clarity and power, especially in interviews - Fostering strengthened personal resiliency - Increased confidence through mindset management - Setting top priorities, delegating effectively, and staying focused - Building deeper relationships with other influential leaders I friggin LOVE helping people get the jobs they're passionate about and watching them ascend in their careers by providing the best leadership training and coaching possible. 🌈 🦄 Let's geek out 🤓 about all things career, interviewing, and leadership development... contact me at so we can chat!


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Silver Branch Consulting

Silver Branch Consulting is a boutique leadership development firm with seasoned executive coaches that specialize in career clarity, interview mastery, and leadership development training for career professionals, especially women, striving to lead at the highest levels in Corporate America. Since 2017, we have strategically guided the professional development of thousands of leaders across a vast array of industries nationwide. 80% of our clients secure senior-level executive positions within one year and many during their initial coaching engagement. We're REALLY good at what we do. At Silver Branch Consulting, we offer one signature development program called Career CAPE, which is a virtual, self-paced career clarity and interview mastery course with 4+ months of coaching support for career professionals looking to identify and land their ideal job.


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