Charlie Bresler

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Charlie Bresler

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The Life You Can Save

Washington State

After earning a PhD in Social and Clinical Psychology from Clark University, Charlie became Director of Behavioral Medicine for The California School of Professional Psychology, Fresno (CSPP-F), where he was a full-time professor and founder of a teaching clinic for treating anxiety & stress disorders. He was recruited to The Men’s Wearhouse where he became head of human resources, stores, and marketing and ultimately President. He stepped down in order to fulfill his long-standing desire to work directly on social and economic issues. In 2013, Charlie became volunteer Executive Director of The Life You Can Save, a non-profit dedicated to reducing extreme poverty and its devastating effects on over 700 million people globally. Through his financial support and leadership, Charlie has helped TLYCS’s Founder, Peter Singer, develop the organization from the ground up. In February, 2021, Charlie stepped down as Executive Director, but remains an active major donor, and Board member with a focus on fundraising, marketing communications and strategy. Charlie lives in Washington State with his wife Diana, a family physician, who partners in supporting The Life You Can Save. He welcomes discussion and questions at


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The Life You Can Save

Founded by ethical philosopher Peter Singer, The Life You Can Save makes smart giving simple. We curate a group of nonprofits that save or improve the most lives per dollar. We aim to create a world in which everyone has the opportunity to build a better life and where there’s no suffering or death due to extreme poverty. We provide tools that make it easy for people to make smart, cost-effective and highly impactful donations. These include a curated list of evidence-based charities, a tool to help you calculate your annual recommended donation amount, and a calculator that helps donors see how far their dollars can go in the developing world. Download Peter Singer’s The Life You Can Save eBook or celebrity-read audiobook FREE here:


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