Charlie Claxton

Member Since 2021

Charlie Claxton

SVP - Global Head of Design

Thomson Reuters


Charlie Claxton is part of executive leadership guiding Thomson Reuters’ global UX Design, Research, Accessibility, UX Engineering, and UX Content Design teams driving digital transformation across our suite of products and tools. These experiences help professionals better understand their industries, increase efficiencies, streamline operations, and mitigate risk within their organizations. Charlie’s career spans 20+ years of creative leadership experience. This includes designing and leading teams that created impactful multi-modal solutions, delivering materialistic results for notable brands, and building multi-disciplinary teams to deliver at scale. Specifically, Charlie built design teams that drove $277B in Gross Merchandise Sales for Amazon, increased the sale of consumable products by 300% for Clarisonic, delivered a 22% increase in NSAT for Microsoft, launched a creative agency with revenues just shy of $2M annually and won some awards along the way including being honored as one of Puget Sound's “40 Under 40." Charlie believes that by creating the right conditions and team structure, we can deliver authentic moments of delight for customers. These moments, tied back to a core vision, unlock sustained long-term results for both the business and its customers. Charlie is based in the Thomson Reuters’ Zug office in Switzerland. Charlie has a Bachelor of Journalism from the University of Missouri Columbia’s School of Journalism, and a Masters of Science in Technical Communication from the University of Washington’s School of Engineering.


  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Creative Strategy
  • Digital Transformation


April 19th, 2023

Always smarter, never harder: adopting AI tools to enhance design teams’ impact

Only through achieving this balance does a team’s work become smarter.

January 27th, 2023

Innovating from within: the importance of upskilling your team

If you don’t find a way to upskill your team, get them excited about the next thing, and provide new opportunities, your team members will leave.

December 6th, 2022

Rethinking innovation during strong economic headwinds

Tough economic times pose a host of challenges, to be sure; however, a pronounced shift away from innovation—rather than a rethinking and recalibration of it—during a potential economic storm will leave your organization scrambling to smoothly sail once calmer seas inevitably appear on the horizon.

August 19th, 2022

Creating a framework for change: Leading team members through unsettling transitions

When you ask people for support and insight on a new project, even if you don’t ultimately include every single suggestion you receive, the act of doing so goes a long way toward creating buy-in.


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