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Human capital expert Cynamon Scott is a Speaker, Corporate Strategist, Consultant, and Author. Cynamon has 4 children ages 12, 11, 7, and 1 year old, and her hobbies include; reading, writing, yoga, painting, and spending time at her kids' sporting events. Originally from South Phoenix, Cynamon knew she had to dream big in spite of the cards stacked against her. She was a first-generation high school graduate, finishing high school at age 16 with a 4.2 GPA, then receiving her undergraduate pre-law degree from Northern Arizona University and soon after her Master's Degree from Liberty University’s School of Business focused on Executive Leadership. She is currently working on the completion of her doctoral dissertation in human psychology & performance, the final step to completing her PhD in Performance Psychology. In the Spring of 2023, she will soon join the ranks of the 2% of the human population to hold a doctoral degree. Cynamon also holds credentials as a Certified Project Manager, Data Scientist, and Business & Executive Coach. With a background in education, operations, leadership, strategic planning, and people operations, her career has crossed over several industries including business services, healthcare, finance, technology, and real estate. Cynamon has worked for & with enterprise, mid-market, small and start-up organizations. With a lens focused on embracing diversity, representation, equity, inclusion, and systemic change, Cynamon is determined to help improve the state of the world by increasing representation in academic and private research, empowering individuals to exceed their optimum potential in corporate workplaces, and educating on the psychological theoretical foundations that drive economic trends, corporate practices, and public policy.

Published content

12 ways companies can implement fair wages in the workplace

expert panel

Business leaders share insights on compensation equity. Paying every employee a fair wage based on their experience and talent—not their gender or cultural background—should be a given. For many companies, treating workers equally for the time they put in at the company each day is simply a best practice. But for some organizations, wage inequality is still prevalent and is an issue that needs to be addressed.  To keep the conversation at the forefront of what's happening in the workplace, we asked 12 Fast Company Executive Board members to each provide one step that companies can take to bridge the gender and ethnic wage gap happening around the globe.

20 ways to break career barriers in a tight job market

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Business leaders offer guidance on elevating your career in a struggling economy. With so many things happening in today's world, it may sometimes seem like it's impossible to ever get ahead. In a competitive, uncertain marketplace, how can employees begin to elevate their career status so they can move ahead and support themselves and their families in an impactful way? Below, 20 experts from Fast Company Executive Board share their top tips to help industry colleagues make better decisions concerning their personal strengths and the goals that will lead to more progress.

11 tips to help leaders avoid over-delegation

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Create clear expectations and communication so your team will succeed. To avoid burnout in the workplace, it's essential for every leader to learn how to delegate their workload before they begin to feel overwhelmed and off-balanced. However, it takes some time to assess who you can really trust to meet the same expectations and execute your goal. But once you find your sweet spot of handing assignments over to the staff members with enough bandwidth, sometimes the problem is relying on others way too much. It's not always a good practice to let go of too much, too soon. If you are having issues with over-delegation, here is what 11 experts from Fast Company Executive Board have to say about what they've learned about the error of assuming that everything is being taken care of when the leader is away or focused on other tasks. 

Apply these 7 tips to reflect real BIPOC voices in brand marketing

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Is your company sending the right message to your diverse target audience? You may need to do a gut check on your communication and storytelling strategies. How can advertising and marketing teams create realistic promotional ad campaigns or product or service information that gives a proper voice and shares the accurate story of the BIPOC communities their company serves?  Updating the company's digital presence, brand materials, or newsletter distributions with a range of diverse images that reflect their clients' and customers' life experience is one step in the right direction. However, it's going to take more than a minor gesture like that, so you'll have to dig deeper and go further to make a meaningful difference. Below, seven experts from Fast Company Executive Board offer their best practices to help advertising and marketing leaders to depict a better representation of their target audience members that is genuine and demonstrates true commitment to their base. 

12 tips to boost brand awareness and attract social influencers

expert panel

Business experts discuss their media communication strategies. If you're a rising brand in search of building relations with a high-profile figure on social media platforms, it may not be as difficult as you think to attract some initial attention if you approach these potential partners in the right manner. Instead of hoping that they'll possibly respond to your casual direct message, research who their official contact person is and write up a serious proposal.  But just like matrimony, it's all about the relationship and connectivity. It's an important business commitment to consider and neither party should ever take it lightly. Therefore, be honest about your intentions and see if it's a good match first before you (and the company) get involved. If you do your homework, be generous with your time, and make it less about, only you, in the end, it may end up being a tremendous win for all. Below, 12 Fast Company Executive Board members weigh in on the best approach to appeal to a social media influencer and get them on board as ambassadors to help promote what your business is offering. 

13 bad habits that keep business leaders from succeeding

expert panel

Get over yourself and trust your team. When you're a first-time entrepreneur who is trying to establish your company in the marketplace, there are plenty of responsibilities that will fall on your plate—anticipated or unexpected. You'll also need to maintain credible brand awareness, develop the right community of advocates to move your company ahead, and ensure repeat customers.  These challenges can be overwhelming if you don't have the right team in place. It's essential to build the strongest foundation of team leaders who can stand confidently and remain trustworthy in your absence. But your professional success also depends on your own ability to change old behavior patterns at work. To help guide your strategic action plan to improve workflow and remove distractions, Fast Company Executive Board members share advice on the 13 bad habits every start-up business owner may be guilty of at times and should eliminate from their daily routine hereafter.

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DuploCloud offers an end-to-end DevOps software platform for dev teams that don’t have dedicated DevOps engineers and augments those that do. The platform automates the provisioning of your application to the cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure), integrating cloud ops, DevOps, and security/compliance with 24x7 monitoring and support. The software runs in your cloud account and is accessed thru our UI, Terraform or API.



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